Helldivers 2 – How To Rescue Science Teams

Throughout your venture in Helldivers 2, you will face many difficult missions to progress the story. Retrieve Essential Personnel is one of the challenging missions in which you have to escort a team of scientists and civilians to a safe place from Automatons.

Helldivers 2 Retrieve Essential Personnel

The Defend Missions against Automatons are generally tougher and give tough time but saving the science team is even harder because you not only have to kill the enemies but make sure to safeguard the civilians and the science team. However, with the strategic approach and planning with the right loadout, you can complete this mission and successfully evacuate the science team.

In this guide, you will go through how to rescue science teams.

How To Rescue Science Teams

There is a group of scientists and civilians stranded in the emergency bunker surrounded by the hostile Automatons. Your objective is to locate them and escort them to their desired location without getting them damaged by the hostile fires. As said the science team consists of civilians who can be killed with just one bullet which makes the mission more critical.

To get started with the mission named Retrieve Essential Personnel from the missions terminal, you have to select the loadout. After that, you will be tasked to locate the Science Team.

Prepare the Loadout to Rescue Science Teams

The loadout you are carrying plays an important role during this mission. The best loadout will let you deal with the enemies effectively to provide the civilians with a safe pathway to the evacuation point.

You can use the Assault Rifle, AR-23P Liberator Penetrator, or the Shotgun SG-225 Breaker. Regarding the Stratagems you can choose Sentry Turrets, Orbital Gatling Barrage, Orbital, 120MM HE Barrage, and Grenade Launcher. These lightweight weapons can give you the fast mobility against the enemies.

Locate the Science Teams

You can find the bunkers with green lights on the top of their doors. These are the terminals where the science team is located. You need to interact with them and by pressing the relevant buttons the doors will be opened and civilians will start coming outside. They will come in a group of three and start running towards the evacuation building.

Depending upon your gameplay difficulty level you will be assigned a particular quote of evacuating the number of civilians to escort which you can see on the top right corner of your screen.

Rescue Science Teams Helldivers 2

Note: Release the civilians after clearing out the on-ground and in-air troops.

If the green lights turn yellow it means no more civilians can be rescued from that particular terminal. At this point wait for the lights to turn green or locate more terminals to release them as per your quota.

Safeguard the Science Teams from Automatons

After releasing them from the bunkers they will become vulnerable and even one shot can kill them. The Automaton Troops swarn all around you depending upon the difficulty level. Defend them against these troops and keep an eye on the red glowing lights in the sky for the drop ships and kill them because these can drop more troops. Stay alert during the whole mission.

Helldivers 2 Save Science Team