How to get EXP (Experience Point) in One Piece Odyssey

In One Piece Odyssey, you have to earn Experience Point (EXP), which will help you to level up your characters.

In this guide, we will discuss the ways to get EXP in One Piece Odyssey. So let’s get started with our guide!

Ways to earn EXP

There are many ways to get EXP in One Piece Odyssey. The main source of getting EXP is to Defeat your enemies. By defeating your enemies, you can earn many things like EXP, Money, and other rewards. The other ways to earn EXP are following

1) Completing Dramatic Scenes

Dramatic scenes are sub-objectives in a battle, by completing these dramatic scenes you can earn EXP. These dramatic scenes are rare, so try not to miss the opportunity.

2) Defeating Rare Enemies

There are some monsters in the One Piece Odyssey, that are rare. You can earn EXP by defeating these big and rare enemies. This way is very good, as you will get more EXP than other normal battles.

How to get EXP (Experience Point) in One Piece Odyssey

3) Use Camps for the Party

On Mysterious island, you will find some places, where you can camp. Start a party with the Crew Members using these camps. By doing this you will get some amount of EXP.

How to get EXP (Experience Point) in One Piece Odyssey

4) Completing the Side Missions

You can earn some EXP by completing the side missions during your adventure on Mysteries island.

5) Using Monkey D. Luffy’s Field Action Ability (Observation Haki)

Use Monkey D.Luffy’s Field Action Ability “Observation Haki” to identify the enemies that have some bonus EXP. Start a battle with these enemies and after defeating them you will get some EXP.

6) Do Bounty Head Hunts

In One Piece Odyssey, there are some optional hunting missions. These hunting missions are called “Bounty Head Hunts”. You can earn some EXP by completing these Bounty Head Hunts.

7) Do Memory Links Missions

Memory Links are additional missions within the World of Memories (Memoria). Here, you will find some strong enemies. You have to face some limitations in order to complete the Memory Links Missions. By completing these missions, you will earn some bonus EXP.

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