How to solve Arithmancy Door Puzzle in Hogwarts Legacy

This guide will show you how you can crack the code and unlock Arithmancy Door in Hogwarts Legacy.

On the surface, these puzzle doors look like complex math problem numbers and symbols mixed together. And it is too confusing to get it solved.

Hogwarts Legacy
Image by Warner Bros

Arithmancy Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

First, you must need to understand what the outside Archway means. If you get the loot box in the library Annex closet to the Divination Classroom floo Flame point you are just one step ahead. The reason is inside that box there is the key to this puzzle.

How to open Arithmancy Doors in Hogwarts Legacy

In order to solve this puzzle you need to create the number in the middle by finding the animal with the correct numerical value.

For example, you have to find the door with 4 + Snake + ? = 17. So the snake number is 9 and you have to find the question mark number. If we add the 4 and 9 then it is the 13 so we have to find the animal that has the 4 number then it will be the total 17. The number 4 animal is the Owl and it’s the correct answer.

The numbers of all animals are below.

Animal NameNumber

The only thing is to change the corresponding question mark according to the number in the sheet. The door will be opened and the puzzle will be solved.