Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- How to Make Tons of Dokobucks

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is the sequel to Yakuza: Like a Dragon and also a spin-off of Like a Dragon: The Man Who Erased His Name. Like a Dragon is the development of the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio. Dokobucks is the local currency of Dondoko Island. The players have to unlock new furnishings and objects by using the Dokobucks. Upgrading the tools and restoring the Dondoko Island fame will require Tons of Dokobucks as you will be building new structures and improving the Dondoko Island. The players must find a way to earn thousands of Dokobucks in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

Dokobucks Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Here’s the Guide on How to Earn Dokobucks quickly in the Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Earn Dokobucks Fast

The players in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth have to find quick ways to make more Dokobucks lay their hands on the best weapons and have the upgrades in the game. To earn Dokoducks, players have to use a combination of two tricks. Every time the players reach a new rank on Dondoko Island, the new furnishings will be unlocked and players will have to approach the Matayosha. Each time a new structure is unlocked, players have to build it and it will give you a daily passive income from resources and materials.

This is beneficial in two ways as you will receive tons of food supplies and other materials like Plastics, fabrics, wood, and Stone in the recycling area. Once you have done that, you will build the new structures as much as you can. After building the structures, sell the furnishing to the Matayoshiya.

The other method to earn more Dokobucks is by collecting bugs, rocks, insects, fish, and precious materials. The value of all these things will increase as you collect each of them multiple times. Collecting the same kind of fish will multiply its value. After collecting all the materials and items from Dondoko Island, you will move to Matayoshi’s shop and sell each of the insects, Pearls, bugs, and other items to earn Dokobucks. You have to collect all the precious things from the Island and convert them into thousands of Dokobucks.

How to earn Dokobucks Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

There are many kinds of fishes in Dondoko Island but the most expensive one is the Golden Shark. Upon catching the Golden Shark, you can sell it to the Matayoshi’s shop for 130k Dokobucks. Barracuda fish can be sold for the 6,500 Dokobukcs at the highest level. All of the items will go up in value when you will collect each of them multiple times.

The food items count as gathering, so when you get a massive stack of 60 Golden eggs, it would immediately level them up to almost maximum and you can sell the Golden eggs at the Matayoshi’s shop. The Golden Eggs are worth 3,000 a piece. All of the other eggs will stack up. More you gather more items every day, you will get Tons of Dokobucks.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Dokobucks


Build all of your furnishings that create resources and the gardening kits in the Dondoko Island. Build the biggest valuable structures and sell them to earn thousands of Dokobucks. Spend the rest of the day gathering materials and wait two or three days. Collect the same type of materials on the first three days and then sell them as they would have leveled up and sell them at the Matayoshi’s shop.