Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- How to Get Tons of Resources

Collecting all kinds of resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and selling them at the Matayosha’s shop to earn Thousands of Dokobucks is essential for restoring the popularity of Dondoko Island. The resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are all scattered in the Dondoko Island. The Players have to restore the fame or popularity of Dondoko Island which requires clearing out the trash (Enemies) from the Island with certain resources. Exploring the areas of Dondoko Island will help the players Get all the resources.

Resources Like a dragon Infinite Wealth

Here’s the Guide on How to Get All the Resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Get Ton of Resources

Dondoko Island contains several resources scattered all around the region. The player’s main goal is to restore the popularity of Dondoko Island which can done by collecting all the resources from the Island. Once the players reach _Dondoko Island, the players will start receiving different kinds of resources at the initial stages on the Island. The are a total of 7 major resources that players have to collect and sell at the Matayosha’s Shop. Some of the resources will be locked and the players can lay a hand on those resources after increasing the level.

The major resources that the players have to collect are the following.

  • Iron
  • Plastic
  • Cloth
  • Semiconductor
  • Glass
  • Stone
  • Wood

How to Collect Initial Stage Resources

Iron, plastic, and Iron are the items that can be found in the beginning at Dondoko Island. These resources will be scattered all around areas of Dondoko Island. These items are covered in the rubbish heap. The players can remove the junk by using the bat. The bat will also upgrade in the game as it is required in several tasks. Simply remove the rubbish and collect the iron, plastic and cloth. The Recycling Center helps the players to create these kinds of resources as well.

Where to Find Semiconductor and Glass

To obtain the Semiconductor and Glass, players have to reach a Two-star rank, and by reaching a two-star rank, players will get access to the Dondoko Farm. The players will move to the Love ‘n’ Peace Beach through the Dondoko Farm. Many resources like rubber, bottles, Pearls, glass, and semiconductors can be collected by removing Piles of junk with the help of a Bat. Remove the rubbish and get the resources that are valuable in the game.

How to get Wood and Stones

Woods and Dondoko stones are the types of resources that can be collected from the trees and Rocks at Dondoko Island. Wood can be obtained by cutting the trees and the Dondoko stone can be obtained by breaking the rocks with the bat. The bat is essentially used in many activities in Dondoko Island, the players have to Upgrade it from time to time. The Lighthouses and Hills are the areas on Dondoko Island from where the players can get Wood and Stones in big amounts.

How to get Resources Like a dragon Infinite Wealth

All of the resources should be collected from time to time and sold at the Matayosha’s shop to earn Dokobucks. The players can catch the Fish like Golden Shark and sell it to the Matayosha. Many kinds of Ores and Scalps can be collected from Mukku Beach. Gachapin Beach also contains several hidden resources that the players have to find and collect.