Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth- How to Upgrade Tools

Collecting all kinds of resources in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and selling them at the Matayosha’s shop to earn Thousands of Dokobucks is essential for restoring the popularity of Dondoko Island. The players have to collect the resources to build the structures in every region and catch the insects and fish like Golden Shark to convert them into Thousands of Dokobucks on Dondoko Island. Catching these resources required upgrading tools. The tool can be upgraded by utilizing the Thousands of Dokobucks.

Upgrade Tools Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Here’s the Guide on How to upgrade the tools in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

How to Upgrade Tools

Bat, Harpoon, and Bug Net are the tools that the players will use to catch the Resources or beat out the Washbucklers. Each tool can be upgraded to a maximum Level 3 and each upgrade requires Thousands of Dokobucks. If the players have enough Dokobucks then move into Matayoshi’s shop and talk to Kenzo inside the shop. To upgrade any tools, Select the “Upgrade Tools” Preference. The list of upgrading the tools will pop up on the screen through which players can upgrade the Tools. Following is a list of Tools and their upgrade cost.

Level 150k Dokobucks
Level 2150k Dokobucks
Level 3300k Dokobucks

Each upgrade of any tool will require the same cost. To upgrade the Bat, Harpoon, or Bug net to Level 2, players have to use 150,000 Dokobucks. Upgrading the tools will also increase the spawn rate of bugs, fish, and other resources. Upgrading the Bat will increase the damage rate of the bat and players can beat the Washbucklers faster without losing the power. More wood and stone can be obtained by using the upgraded Bat.

The players can catch the fish with the help of Harpoon. A harpoon is a tool like an extensive spear utilized in fishing. Upgrading the Harpoon will allow the players to catch big fishes like Golden sharks and other big fishes. Fish is sold at the Matayoshi’s shop to earn the Dokobucks.

How To Upgrade Tools Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Bug can be caught by using the Bug Net. Using the Upgraded Bug net will allow the players to catch more Bugs as the spawn rate of bugs will also be enhanced. Bugs can also be sold at Matayoshi’s shop for Dokobucks. Upgrading the Tools will automatically increase the spawn rate of resources. The players can also find the metal bat from Panthera Sports Kingdom in Worldwide Market Village.