Persona 3 Reload – How To Fuse Thanatos

Thanatos is one of the powerful Persona in Persona 3 Reload which will let you defeat the most challenging bosses with its massive dark skills and magic stats. It is also inevitable to fuse because Thanatos is required to fuse Messiah along with the Orpheus. Having him on your team is very crucial for your end-game venture in the P3R.

Thanatos Persona 3 Reload

This guide will go you through how to fuse Thanatos in the game.

How To Fuse Thanatos

Combining your existing Personas to fuse a more powerful one is an engaging activity in the game to progress through the game and defeat the challenging enemies and bosses. Thanatos is one such powerful Persona that you can fuse and just like any Persona, there are some requirements that you need to fulfill to fuse it. Let’s see them one by one.

Thanatos Fusion Requirements

Maxing Out any Social Link throughout the game unlocks the ability to fuse a completely new and powerful Persona.

  • Maxing the Death Social Link: One of the requirements to fuse Thanatos is to max out the Death Social Link with Pharos. You don’t need to put any special effort into maxing out the Death Social Link because it gets automatically maximum through following the main story of the game.
  • Reach Level 78: After reaching out at the max of the Death Social Link with Pharos, you need to reach level 78 because it the the level where Thanatos starts. At this level, the ability to fuse Thanatos will get unlocked.
  • Personas Required to Fuse Thanatos: There are a total of six Personas that you need to fuse Thanatos with the Special Fusion method. Below is the list of them.
Persona NamePersona Recipie
Pisaca (Death)Nigi Matama + Pixie, Nigi Mitama + Silky
Pale Rider (Death)Berith + Gurulu + Matador (Special Fusion)
Loa (Death)Tam Lin + Mitra, Neko Shogun + Mitra
Samael (Death)Queen Medb + Seiryu, Saki Mitama + Genbu
Mot (Death)Succubus + Thunderbird, Grimekhala + Lachesis
Alice (Death)Pixie + Lilim + Narcissus + Titania (Special Fusion)

You need to have these Personas to fuse Thanatos, if you do not have them in your arsenal, you need to fuse them with the recipes above.

After fulfilling all the above requirements, maxing out the Death Social Link, reaching level 78, and acquiring the required Personas, you can head to the Velvet Room to fuse Thanatos. Select the “Special Fusion” method and you can see it in the list.

Thanatos Persona 3 Reload

It is one of the most powerful personas that you need to have on your team. That’s all you need to know about fusing Thanatos.