Persona 3 Reload – How to Fuse Messiah

Throughout your venture in the Persona 3 Reload, you will face more powerful opponents and bosses as the story progresses. To deal with them you need to fuse two or more of your existing Personas to create a more powerful one to deal with your powerful opponents. Messiah is one of the powerful Persona with higher abilities and stats that you need to fuse on the end-game.

Messiah Persona 3 Reload

In this guide, you will see how to fuse Messiah in Persona 3 Reload.

How to Fuse Messiah

As the game progresses, new possibilities get unlocked to fuse more powerful Personas. On getting towards the end-game you will be able to fuse one of the Powerful Persona in the game named Messiah. Just like fusing other Personas, you need to fulfill some requirements to fuse him. Let’s see the Messiah Fusion Requirements.

Messiah Fusion Requirements

To fuse Messiah you need to have two of your Social Links at max. These Social Links are Death and Judgement. After getting this requirement fulfilled you need two Personas to fuse Messiah the first one is Orpheus (Fool) and the second one is Thanatos (Death). You already have the Orpheus before starting the fusion as you get started with this Persona. Here comes the tricky part, you need to fuse Thanatos first because it is another high-level Persona that you can fuse by Special Fusion with 6 other Personas. The list of these Personas is as follows

  • Pisaca
  • Pale Rider
  • Loa
  • Samael
  • Mot
  • Alice
Thanatos Persona 3 Reload

After getting the required above-mentioned Personas you need to max out Death Arcana Social Link to fuse Thanatos. If the Death Social Link is not at max, you won’t be able to see the Thanatos in the list.

After fusing the Thanatos and having the Judgement Social Link at max, you can head to Velvet Room to perform the Special Fusion. There you can see the Messiah in the list. Select this and let the fusion be done.

Fuse Messiah Persona 3 Reload

Messiah is a powerful Persona to fuse in Persona 3 Reload with zero weakness, high healing power, and powerful physical attacks. That’s all about the Messiah Fusion.

Keypoints for Messiah Fusion

  • You need two Personas Orpheus (Fool) and Thanatos (Death) to fuse Messiah along with the Judgement Social Link at max.
  • You already have the Orpheus but you need to fuse Thanatos which requires six more Personas and the Death Social Link at max.
  • You need to have Yens 11,000 to perform Messiah Fusion.