Persona 3 Reload – How To Fuse Personas

Personas are of great significance for your ventures throughout Tarturus. They assist you in a great way to beat the opponents and the guardian bosses. Sometimes you may feel that your Personas are not powerful enough or are not up to your mark, the solution to this lies in Personas Fusion. Yes, you can fuse your Personas in Velvet Room to make a more powerful one.

How to fuse Personas

Let’s see how you can fuse Personas in Persona 3 Reload.

Persona Fusion – Persona 3 Reload

Fusing Personas is very simple as it needs two or more Personas to make a new one more powerful and competent with the combined traits of the existing ones but there are a few requirements to do this. First, you need to be careful while doing this with your personas. The ability to fuse personas will get unlocked after 5F of Tarturus. After that, you need to visit the Velvet Room located on the 1F also called Tarturus Entrance. On speaking with Elizabeth you can start fusing your Personas.

Persona Fusion

Types of Persona Fusion

There are three ways in which you can fuse Personas. On speaking with Elizabeth in the Velvet Room you will be offered these to choose one as per your requirements.

  • Dyad Fusion
  • Special Fusion
  • Fusion Search

Dyad Fusion

In Dyad Fusion you can fuse two Personas to make a stronger one. You need to select the Persona you want to fuse and it will show you the new Personas based on the ones you have. It is the simplest type of Persona Fusion that you can do. The resulting Persona is highly affected by your social links. The higher your social links the higher the experience points of the resulting Persona.

Special Fusion

This is a more advanced fusion method in which you can fuse three or more higher-level Personas you have to make a new more powerful one with higher skills. Just like Dyad Fusion, the resulting Persona through Special Fusion can be affected by the Social Links you have.

Fusion Search

Fusion Search makes the Persona Fusion even simpler for players. It shows a list of the resulting Personas that you can have based on the Personas you have in your arsenal.

Fusion Search Persona 3 Reload