Palworld- How to Get Honey

The world in the Palworld is enriched with the various Materials that the players have to find to craft weapons and workbench. Crafting new items or structures requires some materials that can be found while roaming in the biomes of the Palworld. Honey is the material in the Palworld that is used to make Cake which is further used in breeding the Pals. Honey is sweet and tasty and can be consumed.

Honey Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Honey in Palworld.

How to Get Honey

The players can obtain Honey by killing or Catching the Pals. Killing the certain Pals will drop the Honey and upon picking it up, it will be added to the inventory. Kill the Pals that Contain Honey will provide the Players with Honey. The players have to find and kill the following Pals.

  • Warsect
  • Elizabee
  • Cinnamoth
  • Beegrade

All of these are Grass elemental Pals. The easiest Pals among them are the Beegrade and Cinnamoth as the habitat areas of these Pals are big and can be killed easily with the better weapon. However, killing these Pals will drop one time Honey. To have an infinite supply of Honey, players have to catch these Pals and assign these Pals to the Ranch. Pals at the Ranch will start grazing from after sometimes and they will drop the Honey. Place the Pals in the Ranch by using the Palbox.

The Players can see the actual habitat of these Pals by opening the main menu and then moving into the Paldeck. Select the Pal and the players can see the orange colored where that Pal will be located. One of the hardest parts about catching beegrade is that the players need to weaken them fast enough because they have the self-destruct ability and if they use this ability they will just die. So, the players have to get them before they use it. To Catch these Pal, Players have to use a better Sphere. A Giga sphere is recommended for catching these big Pals.

Palworld Honey

The only work for the players will be to pick up the honey from the ranch and it will be added to the inventory. The players can store the honey in the wooden chest to use it further in the game when required. Honey can also be placed in the Feedbox, so it can be eaten later in the game.