Palworld- How to Feed Pals

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various Pals in the World of Palwords. The Players have to catch the Pals to assign them to work in the base. Pals will be performing specific tasks like Harvesting, watering, farming, and lumbering. Working for a long time makes them hungry and to keep them healthy players have to feed Pals from time to time. Feeding pals will result in maintaining their efficiency at work.

Feed Pals Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Feed your Pals on Palworld.

How to Feed Pals

The Pals will get hungry after work or combat. To maintain their efficiency, it is essential to feed them whenever required. There are three methods to Feed Pals in a World of Palworld.

  • Directly from inventory
  • Interacting with Pals
  • Using the Feedbox

Feeding Pals by interaction

The pals in the base can be fed by interacting with them. The Players must have enough food in their inventory to feed the pals. Gather all the foods in the inventory and approach the Pals. To interact with the Pals, press the “4” button and a list of food will appear. Choose any food and feed them. This method goes only for the Pals that are working in the base.

Feed pals from inventory

To feed the pals at the party, players can utilize the inventory method. The players have to collect enough food in the inventory to feed Pals. Simply open the inventory, to use the food, right-click on it and the list of Pals will pop up. The Players can select the Pals to feed them. Feeding the party Pals will make them healthy. The inventory option feeding is only available for party Pals not for Base Pals.

Feed Pals using Feedbox

Palworld introduced the item named Feed Box which is utilized to feed the Pals in the base only. Feed Box is a Technology Level 4 item. Players need to be at least Level four by upgrading the base. Unlock the Feed Box by using the Technology Level 2 points. To use the Feed Box, Players first have to unlock it and then Build it. After unlocking it by using Level 2 points, to Build it players must have 20x Wood in the inventory. Wood can be obtained while obtaining starting tools.

How to Feed Pals Palworld

Once the Feed Box is built, place a sufficient amount of food in the Feed Box. The players can also add the Red Berries in the Feed Box as they can be found easily from the island. To move the Food from the inventory to the Feed Box simply drag and place it.

This method only works on the Base Pals. Once the Feed Box is filled with enough food, place it in the base, and Pals in the base will eat them directly whenever they are hungry. This method is time-saving as compared to the interaction method. To Make the Pals at the party or in the Base active keep feeding them to make them healthy.