How to Beat Vahram in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Progressing the story in The Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown gets you to encounter the main boss Vahram in the Upper City during the main quest named The Abducted Prince. This is the first time in the game that you face Vahram and you will encounter him again later. Every boss in the game comes with its attack patterns that can be entirely different from the earlier ones but knowing them and reacting to them with the things you have learned so far in the game can help you to knock them down.

beat Vahram

In this guide we will see how to beat Vahram in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to Beat Vahram

The first time you will face Vahram in the Upper City in the last of the The Abducted Prince main quest. He is a challenging boss with many of the attacks which you cannot parry however with the right timings and the dodge against his movements you can defeat him. The battle with Vahram is going to happen in two phases.

Vahram Red Slash Attack

Vahram Attack Patterns Phase 1

  • Normal Sword Attack: This is the most common attack of Vahram in which he hits you with his sword when in range. It can be a 2x Combo if you do not have enough distance from him.
  • Forward Red Slash: In this attack he pulls his sword inward for a moment and charges you with a forward red slash. It is a long-range attack that you can parry at the right time.
  • Forward Swirl Red Slash: In this attack Vahram swirls forward in the air and charges a red slash on you when hitting the ground. This attack can be parried but if you come in the range it can give you a lot of damage.
  • Parry Attack: On parrying some of your attacks, he can give you the sword hit to push you harder.

Vahram Attack Patterns Phase 2

  • Time-Slowing Sphere: In this attack, Vahram summons a semi-circular sphere which slows down the time in the affected area. You have a few moments to respond and get out of it. If you are stuck inside it you won’t be able to dodge its attack as you are too slowed to respond to them.
  • Forward Lunge Attack: In this attack, he takes hold for an instant to draw his sword and lungs towards you very fast. You can avoid this attack by jumping backward over him.
  • Red Slash Combo: In this attack, Vahram jumps and holds in the air for a moment to do a red slash attack. On landing, he does an AoE red slash attack. You can avoid this attack by seeing his position to get yourself at a safe distance.
  • Multiple Time-Slowing Spheres: In the earlier Time-Slowing Sphere attack there was only one sphere that slowed you down when in range. But in this attack, there are multiple spheres that you need to avoid.
  • Laser Attack: In this attack, Vahram spawns many laser lines throughout the platform which will get activated after a few moments. You need to avoid them before they get activated.
Vahram Laser Attack

How to beat Vahram

Vahram is a challenging boss with fierce attack patterns over both of the phases, however, the first phase is not that difficult but if you understand his attack patterns and know how to react to them the battle with Vahram will be easy for you.

Time-Slowing Sphere Vahram

Normal Sword attacks can be dodged and parried easily however the Forward Red Slash attack is a bit difficult but you can jump over when the slash is rushing toward you to dodge it. Don’t attack when Vahram is parrying any of your attacks because he can attack and push you harder with his sword. Time-slowing spheres should be avoided at any cost as these can slow you down and make you vulnerable to his attacks. That is all about to beat Vahram in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.