How to Beat Alternate Sargon in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Alternate Sargon is the clone of your character Sargon with the same skills as yours but with different Athra abilities. These Athra abilities make him even more challenging. However, the good thing is that you can get these by defeating him. Alternate Sargon is a recurring boss that you encounter four times throughout your gameplay. However, only once he occurs during the main quest named Tiger and Rat.

Beat Alternate Sargon

In this guide, you will see how to beat Alternate Sargon by learning his attack patterns during the Tiger and Rat main Quest in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown.

How to Beat Alternate Sargon

You can encounter Alternate Sargon in the southern part of The Depths region under the Lower City while you are progressing through the Tiger and Rat quest. As you encounter him in the main quest this of the Alternate Sargon is inevitable to defeat.

Alternate Sargon Attack Patterns

The Alternate Sargon you encounter during the Tiger and Rat quest is almost the mirror of you except he is having the Arash’s Ray Athra Surge. Let’s have a look at his attack patterns.

Alternate Sargon Common Attacks
  • Common Attacks: Alternate Sargon has the same attack patterns as you like the melee or bow attacks. You can interrupt them by using arrows on him.
  • Athra Surge: Alternate Sargon possesses Arash’s Ray Athra Surge ability when fired unleashes a concentrated ray of the energy towards you. This is the only way in which he is different from you.

How to beat Alternate Sargon

You can dodge or parry his common attacks or interrupt most of them using arrows or throwing chakram. Your best move should be to make him move in the air which may reduce his health. Try to parry his attacks which can lead to combos and ultimately damage your health.

Arash’s Ray Athra Surge ability

He uses Arash’s Ray Athra Surge which can give you huge damage. This energy goes straight like a beam, try to jump over it to dodge. Also, use your Athra Surge ability against him to give significant damage.

Alternate Sargon Rewards

On defeating Alternate Sargon you will get 152x Time Crystals and his Arash’s Ray Athra surge ability.