Palworld- How to get Bow & Arrows

Palworld is a multiplayer game developed by PocketPair. Palworld introduced several weapons in the game, which the players will use to defend their base, defeat the bosses, and complete the various dungeons. The Starting tools in the Palworld can be used to beat the Pals but using the weapons on Pals will make their HP low in no time. Instead of using the Starting weapons, players can use Bow and arrows to beat pals from a distance.  The Players can use Old Bow and Arrows to defend themselves whenever they are out of ammo.

Bow & Arrows Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Unlock Bow and Arrows in Palworld.

How to Get Old Bow and Arrows

Old Bow is a weapon that players can use to beat enemies from a distance. The old bow is considered to be a long-range weapon. Old Bow Technology Level 3 item that the players will able to unlock once they reach level 3. Mine rocks, catching Pals, and collecting Ores will help the players in reaching to the next level. To unlock the Old Bow, players have to use Technology Level 1 points.

Unlocking Old Bow and Arrows

Press the Tab button to open the main menu. Move into the Technology section and unlock the Old Bow from Level 3 Technology. The regular arrows are used in the old bow. The Arrows are also Technology Level 3 items that will be unlocked by using Technology Level 1 points. The Old Bow is a Ranged-type weapon that uses regular arrows with a magazine size of 1 and a base DMG of 65.

Crafting Old Bow and Arrows

Once the players unlock the Old Bow and arrows, their recipe will be available in the Primitive Bench. Interact with the Primitive bench to craft the Old Bow and Arrows. The materials required to Craft Old Bow are the following.

  • 30x Wood
  • 5x Stone
  • 15x Fiber
How to get Bow & Arrows Palworld

The players can craft the Arrows if they have the following materials in their inventory or Wooden Chest.

  • 1x Wood
  • 1x Stone

Before crafting Old Bow and Arrows make sure that all the required materials are present. Interact with the Primitive bench by pressing the “F” key and selecting the recipe. Simply click on the old bow and click on the start production. Hold the “F” key till the crafting is completed. Increase the production of arrows to 30 as the arrows will be required more while using the old bow. The players have to place the Old Bow in one of the sections of weapons.

To use the Old Bow, players have to check whether the Regular arrows are available in the inventory or not. Several types of Bows are available in the Palworld. Fire Bow, three-shot bow, and crossbow are kinds of Bows in the Palworld that the players will be unlocked further in the gameplay.