PalWorld- How to Get Fiber

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various organic materials that the players can obtain without using advanced weapons. Fiber is one of the resources that can be obtained from the tree just like wood. Fiber is utilized in crafting new recipes and structures in Palworld. Fiber is a kind of material that players have to obtain at the beginning of the game to craft new structures while utilizing it.

Fiber Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Fiber in Palworld.

How to Find or Get the Fiber

The Players can Get Fiber by simply cutting the trees or by punching them. Punching the trees will drop less Fiber and it requires the power for hitting. Players will get the starting tools at the beginning of the game by crafting them on the Primitive bench. Stone Axe is one of the tools or weapons that the players will craft at the Primitive bench to Get the Fiber. To obtain Fiber in Palworld players must have Stone Axe in their technology section.

To Craft the Stone Axe, Players have to unlock the Primitive bench. Place the Primitive bench in any area of the biome and start crafting Stone Axe. To craft the Stone Axe, the following materials are required to be available in the inventory.

  1. 5x Wood
  2. 5x Stone

Once the Stone Axe is crafted, equip it from the technology section and approach the trees in the biome. Start cutting the trees with the help of Stone Axe. The trees will start dropping the wood and fiber. Cutting a single tree will drop 5 to 8 Fiber and 12 to 15 Wood. Once the players collect the fiber, it will be added to the inventory that can be further used to craft new structures.

Stone Axe Durability

Players must remember that using the tool will affect its durability. To enhance the life cycle of the Stone Axe or any other tool, they need to be repaired at the Repair bench. Players will be using the tools in the game to make progress, so the tools need to be repaired promptly. Otherwise, the tool will be of no use if not repaired on time.