PalWorld- How to Get Wool

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various organic materials that the players can obtain without using advanced weapons. Wool is one of the organic resources that the players have to collect to craft new structures or recipes. Once the players get wool, it will be added to their inventory and will be further useful in the gameplay for crafting purposes.

Wool Palworld

How to Get Wool

Wool is an essential material used for crafting in Palworld. To obtain Wool, Players have to attack the pals that drop the Wool. These Pals have usually Wool covered their bodies. These Pals look like Sheep. The players have to Catch or Kill the pals. Attaching these Pals will result in dropping the Wool. Pals that drop the Wool upon being attacked are the following.

  • Lamball
  • Cremis

Use the Weapons to Get Wool

The players can use the bat or Stone axe to defeat these Pals as the bat will not stun them but it will make their HP low. Arrows can also be used to defeat these pals that will drop Wool. Obtaining the Wool at the beginning of the game is necessary by killing the Lamball and Cremics for crafting. Simply equip any weapon and start attacking these Pals, attacking the Pals will lower their HP and they will drop 2x Wool. The Standard of Wool will be increased when players start attacking these Pals. The Wool Standard is directly proportional to the number of killings of these Pals. The Lamball will drop Wool and Lamball Mutton. Beating the Cremis will leave only Wool on the ground.

Use Ranch to Get Wool

The Players can Get the Wool by a structure and mechanic known as Ranch in Palworld. Catch Lamball and Creis with the help of Pal Sphere and put them in the Ranch. A ranch is a kind of structure that makes the pals relax and graze as a result they drop the items that they contain. The Pals will graze a little bit and drop the Wool. The ranch is a low-level technology item that can be unlocked by using the technology points. Once the Ranch is unlocked, the players have to build it by using the required materials available in the inventory. The required materials are the following.

How to get Wool Palworld
  1. 50x Wood
  2. 20x Stone
  3. 30x Fiber

Use these items to build the Ranch. Place the Ranch in any place in the biome and put the required pals that Drop Wool. These Pals will be dropping the Wool after some time. Getting the Wool by using Ranch is more effective than killing them. Using the killing Method or Placing the Pals in the Ranch will surely drop the Wool but going with the ranch method will make the player’s inventory full of Wool. The Wool is the required material for making the Cloth.