Palworld- How to Assign Base Pals to Work

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various Pals in the World of Palwords. The Players have to capture the Pals to assign them to work in the base. The Pal Sphere is utilized to catch the Pals. Each of the Pals will perform the assigned task voluntarily or stubbornly. Use the different types of Pals to do the different types of jobs. The player can remove the burden of doing several tasks by deploying the Pals to help in various tasks. Each Pal has individual abilities.  

Assign Base Pals to Work

Here’s the Guide on How to employ the Pals at the base.

How to Deploy Pals to Work

To Deploy the Pals to Work, first players have to Catch the Pals by using the Pal Sphere. Store the Pals in the Palbox. PalWorld introduces the structure for storing the Pals called a Palbox. It is a Level 2 technology and it will be unlocked by utilizing the Level 1 Technology points. A Palbox can be used to store the captured Pals for a long time. Storing the Pals in Palbox will increase their HP. To assign any work to the Pals, Players must allocate the base. The Palbox will be crafted by using the following materials.

Gather all the materials to craft the Palbox. After unlocking, Press the Tab button and switch to the Pals portion. Grab the Palbox from there and place it in any area in the biome. Approach closer to the Palbox and Hold the “F” key to build it.

Deploy Pals to Work Palworld

Once the Players Build the Palbox. Interact with it. The players can see that the captured Pals will be available in the upper portion (Inventory). To employ them at the Player’s base, Click and drag on the Pals, down into the Base Pals section. The players can do this to trade them out. Each of the Pals has different abilities. The individual data on the right-hand side will pop up when click on any of the Pal.

Deploying Pals to Work in the Base of Palworld

The Players have to learn their abilities so that the right Pal can be assigned to the specific task. If the Players want to change their Pals, then Simply trade them. Once you change the Pal from the base inventory, it will be moved back to the inventory. If the players are looking for Pals to help with certain machines or several crafting things then simply Hover over to the machine and see the icon.

Palworld Assign Pals to Work

For example, if it shows that Required Handiwork. Interact with the Palbox and Hover over and check which Pal has a Hand Sign. The Players can go across all the different Pals to see which one is more capable or less capable of doing the specific work. The Pals will keep doing the Assigned task even if the players are not available in the base. The whole system is about automating the game in a way. Keep constantly aware of their skills to deploy Pals to work at the base.