Palworld- How to Obtain Paldium Fragment

Palworld is a new multiplayer game in which the players will craft new structures, produce items by farming, and get pals which are the creatures in Palworld and they will be helpful in many activities around the world. There are several minerals in the Palworld and Paldium Fragment is one of them. Paldium Fragment is used to craft Pal Sphere. 1xPladiumFragment is required to craft Pal Sphere along with other materials which is further used to grab the Pal.

Paldium Fragment Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Paldium Fragment in Palworld.

How to Get Paldium Fragment

Paldium Fragment is capable of creating supernatural items and structures. The players can get the Paldium Fragment directly from the ground as they will spawn randomly in different areas of Palworld. Search for the Paldium Fragment on the ground of biomes in Palworld. Paldium Fragments are like glowing rocks. Once the player finds it, approach close to it and press “F” to Pick up. Each time the players collect Paldium Fragment from the ground, 3x Paldium Fragment will be added to the inventory.

Obtain Paldium Fragment Palworld

Paldium Fragment is also obtained by mining the regular stone. The players have to Get the Stone Pickaxe. Stone Pickaxe will be crafted at Primitive Workbench. The spawn rate of Paldium Fragment is low in Regular stones.

Paldium Palworld

The players can get Paldium Fragment by mining the Paldium nodes. Find the Paldium nodes in the areas of Palworld and use the Stone Pickaxe to start mining it. Select the Stone Pickaxe from the technology section and start breaking it by pressing the “F” key. The players will receive 5x Paldium Fragments each time breaking the Paldium nodes. Collect Paldium Fragment to get the Pal sphere to catch the Pals.