Palworld- How to Repair Damaged Weapons

Palworld introduced various Weapons that the players will use during the gameplay. Using the Weapons regularly will affect its Durability. The players must check up on the weapons or Tools’ durability. The weapons have to be repaired for using it again in Palworld. Each Weapon has its Durability and to enhance the life of weapons, they need to be repaired with the help of the required material at the Repair Bench.

How to Repair Damaged Weapons in Palworld

Here’s the guide on How to Repair Weapons in Palworld.

How to Repair Weapons and Tools

To repair any weapon or Tool in the Palworld, players have to craft the Repair bench. Palworld introduced the Repair Bench as a structure. The repair bench has to be unlocked for 1 Technology Point at Technology Level 2. Go into Technology and Click on the Repair bench which will be in technology level 2. After unlocking it, place it in any area in the Biome. To craft the Repair bench, players must have the following required material.

  1. 10x Wood
  2. 10x Stone
Repair Damaged Weapons Palworld

Players can get the wood while cutting the trees or punching the trees as the tree will drop the wood. Stone can be collected by mining the rocks with the help of Stone Pickaxe. Small stones can be collected directly from the ground.

Once the Players craft the Repair bench, to use the Repair bench, players have to interact with it. Select any weapon whose durability is more affected. Click on the repair option and the repair will start. The Players can also assign Pals to give a hand in repairing as well. After weapons or Tools are repaired, the durability will be in a better state.

Damaged Weapons Palworld

Interact with the Repair bench to check the durability of other weapons and repair them as the weapons will be further utilized. To repair the Stone Pickaxe the required materials are 2x Stone and 2x Wood. The players can also repair the Stone Axe if they have 1x Stone and 1x Wood in their inventory. To repair Stone Spear, players must have 3x wood and 1 x Stone. The cloth outfit protects the players from the cold of the night and requires 1x Cloth to be repaired.