Palworld- How to Make a Stone Spear

Palworld is a multiplayer game developed by PocketPair. Palworld introduced several weapons in the game, which the players will use to defend their base, defeat the bosses, and complete the various dungeons. Stone Spear is the weapon that the players can use to defeat the Pals and defend the base from raids when other weapons’ ammo ends. The Stone Spear keeps the enemy at a distance when attacking, due to its length. Stone Spear provides more damage as compared to the bat.

Stone Spear Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Unlock Stone Spear in Palworld.

How to Get Stone Spear

Stone Spear is the early game weapon that the players will unlock when reach Level 4. The Players can upgrade their Level by catching Pals, Collecting Ores, mining rocks, and adding them to the inventory. Stone Spear is the Technology Level 4 Item. Players will be able to unlock Stone Spear by using the Technology Level 2 points.

Press the Tab button to open the Main Menu. Move into the Technology section and Click on the Stone Spear in Level 4. Unlock the Stone Spear by utilizing the technology level 2 points and the recipe for crafting the Stone Spear will be available. To craft the Stone Spear, players have to use the Primitive Bench in the Palworld. The items required to craft the Stone Spear are the Following.

  • 18x Wood
  • 6x Stone

To craft the Stone Spears, Players have to collect the required materials. Wood can be collected by hitting the tree as it drops the wood and it can also be obtained from the ground as well. Cut the trees and get the wood. Stone can be collected while breaking the big nodes by punching or using the Stone Pickaxe and it can also be randomly collected from the ground as well in the form of small rocks.

make Stone Spear Palworld

Once the Player gathers all the required materials in the inventory, simply interact with the Primitive bench by pressing the “F” key, select the Stone Spear from the list, and start crafting it. Hold the “F” key till the crafting is completed. Move the Stone Spear from the inventory to the weapons list to use it further in the gameplay.