Palworld- How To Get Leather

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various organic materials that the players can obtain without using advanced weapons. One of the Organic materials that players have to obtain is Leather. Leather is a material that players will use as defensive material. Lather plays an important role in crafting some recipes in the world of Palworld.

Leather Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Leather in Palworld.

How to Obtain Leather

In Palworld, the players can get leather by killing and murdering the Pals that contain leather. Killing the Pals will surely drop the Leather, and leather is utilized for crafting purposes. Following is the list of Pals that contain the leather and will drop leather after being killed.

  1. Vixy
  2. Melpaca
  3. Galeclaw
  4. Nitewing
  5. Fuddler
  6. Ribbuny
  7. Chillet
  8. Tombat
  9. Nox
  10. Katress
  11. Foxparks
  12. Rooby
  13. Fuack
  14. Incineram
  15. Incineram Noct
  16. Univolt
  17. Direhowl
  18. Eikthyrdeer
  19. Pyrin
  20. Pyrin Noct

Press the Tab button, move into the Paldeck section and the players can see on the right hand in the possible drops section which Pals give leather. The Easiest Pal to get is Rushoar. He will Drop the weather after being eliminated. Rushoar is easy to beat and can be found when the players are at a low level in the game.

Obtain Leather Palworld

The players can also get Leather from the direhowl and vixies. They both drop the leather after being murdered. Vixies, Eikthyrdeer, rooby, and Melpaca are the four Pals that drop leather and can be easily found at the early stage of the game. These four Pals can be found in one place called Forgotten Shores which is on the Northeast from the starting area.

Purchasing the Leather

The other easy way to get leather is to purchase it from the Merchant in the Small Settlement. Merchants in the Palworld will be selling the crafting resources. The Players can get the Leather from the merchant in 150 Gold coins. The players can find the money in the chest which is plentiful and also by taking the human enemies.

Purchase Leather Palworld

Just playing the game normally will give the players thousands of golds in just a few hours. If the players have enough gold coins to spend then there is no need to kill the Pals.