PalWorld- How to Build Straw Pal Bed

Palworld contains creatures known as Pals that can be caught in the game. Pals will help the players in different activities like Farming, attacking other pals, fighting, and breeding. The players have to catch Pals at the beginning of the game to make them do several tasks. Players have to take care of the Pals as well. To maintain the Sanity of Pals, they need to sleep on the Straw Pal Bed. Straw Pal Bed will help the Pals to regain their Sanity after the work.

Straw Pal Bed Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Build a Straw Pal Bed in Palworld.

How to Build Straw Pal Bed

Unlocking Straw Pal Bed

Straw Pal Bed is the structure in the world of Palworld in which Pals regain Sanity by sleeping over it. Pals need rest after the work so players have to build Straw Pal Bed. Straw Pal Bed is a Technology Level 3 item and the players will be able to unlock it when reaches Level 3. Capturing more Pals and collecting Ores and rocks will help the players to upgrade their Level. Players will unlock the Straw Pal Bed by using the points of Technology Level 2 and will know the recipe for building the Straw Pal Bed.

How to Build

Once the Players unlock the Straw Pal Bed, place it in any area in the biome of Palworld by pressing the “B” button to open the Build menu, switch into the infrastructure category, select the Starw Pal Bed, and Drop it into any area. To Build the Straw Pal Bed, Players need to have to following items in their inventory.

Build Straw Pal Bed Palworld

Make sure that all of these required items are available in the inventory. Approach the Straw Bed and Hold the “F” button to Build it. The Players can also assign the work of building new structures to the Pals as well.

Once the Straw Pal Bed is built, place it in the base. The Straw Pal Bed only works for the Pals working in the Base. Pals will sleep on the Straw Pal bed after work to relax and regain their Sanity. If the Straw Pal Bed is not placed in the base, the Pals will not sleep soundly and they will lose all of their Sanity and the players will start losing the Pals. Build a Straw Pal Bed at the beginning of the game right after Assigning the Pals to work in the base. Make sure that enough Straw Pal Bed is placed in the base to let the Pals sleep on it. Keep the Pals happy so that they keep performing the Tasks that are deployed to them in the base.