Palworld- How to Make a Shoddy Bed

Palworld is a single-player and multiplayer Pokemon-like game made for Microsoft Windows and Xbox being developed by Pocketpair. Palworld introduces various organic minerals, structures, and Pals in the World of Palworld. One of the human structures is also introduced in the game which is named Shoddy Bed. The players build the Shoddy Bed to regain their health while sleeping on it at night. Players Build the Shoddy Bed to pass the time as well.

Shoddy Bed Palworld

Here’s the Guide on How to Build a Shoddy Bed in Palworld.

How to Make a Shoddy Bed

Unlocking Shoddy Bed

Shoddy Bed is a structure that allows the Players to sleep to regain their HP. Shoddy Bed is a Technology Level 3 item. Players have to reach Level 3 to Unlock the Shoddy bed. The players can upgrade their Technology Level by Catching more Pals, collecting Ores, and mining the rocks. The players have to use Technology Level 1 points to unlock Shoddy Bed and know their recipe to Build.

Building the Foundation

Once the Players unlock the Shoddy Bed, Press the “B” button to open the Build Menu, move into the infrastructure category, select the Shoddy Bed, and place it under the Roof to Build. The Players have to build the covered area to place the Shoddy Build. A shoddy Bed is not like the other Structures like Straw Pal Bed that can be placed on the ground. Wood should be available in the inventory to Build the foundation.

Make Shoddy Bed Palworld

The Players have to Build the Foundation by following steps.

  • Press the “B” button to open the Build menu again
  • Move into the Foundations section
  • Select the wooden foundation and place it in any area
  • Select Wooden Wall
  • Place the Wooden roof as well

How to Build a Shoddy Bed

Once the Foundation Is built, move inside and the players can place the Shoddy Bed inside the Foundation under the roof. To build a Shoddy Bed, Players must have the following materials in their inventory.

  1. 20x Wood
  2. 5x Fiber
  3. 1x Wool

Once the Players collect all the required materials and the materials are available in the inventory or Wooden Chest, approach closer to Shoddy Bed and hold the “F” key to Build it. The Players can also assign Pals to build the structures in the base. Pals will only work in the base.

Build Shoddy Bed Palworld

Building the Shoddy Bed under the roof will help the Players regain their health by sleeping on it at night. The Players cannot sleep in an open area, so the Shoddy Beds have to be placed in the foundation. Press the “F” key to sleep on the Shoddy Bed. Once the Players Build the Shoddy bed, the Palbox upgrade will be available. The players have to Build a Shoddy Bed and Primitive Workbench to achieve the Base level 2. Clicking on the Bass Upgrade will move the players to base level 3. Simply regain the HP by building the Shoddy Bed and sleeping on it at night.