Palworld – How To Sell Pals

Starting in Palworld, you have the opportunity to catch pals while you are exploring the world. These living creatures are very helpful throughout your gameplay and you can use them for a lot many purposes but excess of everything is bad. You may catch the wrong pals or useless pals who are just taking the place in your pal vault and not doing anything helpful and you want to get rid of them.

Sell Pals in Palworld

Let’s discuss how you can get rid of unwanted pals by selling them to merchants for gold.

How To Sell Pals

You can get rid of your Spare Pals by killing them but selling them in exchange for money is more worthy. You can get a lot of gold by selling them and can purchase more useful and rarer pals. You may also use them to kill to farm many different materials in the game. There are two ways to sell Pals in the game.

  • Sell Pals to Pal Merchants
  • Sell Pals to Black Marketeer

How to Sell Pals to a Pal Merchant

You can find many Pal Merchants throughout the map in the game walking around with the Syndicate Members on their outskirts. You can also find them in the Settlements with Pal Sphere Shed. You can interact with them to buy and sell pals for the gold.

Sell Pals to a Pal Merchant

One of the Pal Merchants can be found close to you in the Small Settlement to the southwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower. Locate and interact with him. Choosing the Sell option will let you select the Pal which you want to sell from your Palbox.

How to Sell Pals to a Black Marketeer

There may be some stolen Pals which you cannot sell to the Pal Merchants. Similarly, there can be some Pals who are prohibited to sell openly. You can sell them to the Black Marketeer. You may encounter some shady-looking NPC wandering around, these are the Black Marketers. Interact with them to sell the Pals or buy the rarer ones. You can also sell them the humans you caught.

Sell Pals to a Black Marketeer

To locate a Black Marketeer, head to the southwest of the Small Settlement towards the Abandoned Mineshaft. There you can find a Black Marketeer to whom you can sell the stolen or prohibited pals or purchase the rarer pals.