How To Farm Time Crystals Fast in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Time Crystals is the currency in the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown which you can use for a lot many purposes. Upgrading yourself is the key to survival against the furious bosses in the game which makes the collection of Time Crystals even more crucial.

Time Crystals

In this guide, you will learn how to get Time Crystals fast in the game and how you can use them for better gameplay.

How to farm Time Crystals Fast

In the Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown you get a lot many opportunities to find and collect Time Crystals. You can follow the following methods to get them.

Defeating the enemies to get Time Crystals

Exploring the Mount Qaf

On exploring Mount Qaf you can find many things that can give you the Time Crystals such as breakable objects and the Time Crystal Ores. You can get the Time Crystal Ores on searching for the secret rooms while exploring the dark zones of the map. You often find breakable objects in the game like pots and chest boxes which you can smash with any of your weapons. On smashing it yields Time Crystals.

Breaking Objects to get Time Crystals

Enemy Farming by Wak Wak Tree

Whenever you defeat the enemies in the game you get the Time Crystals. You can go to the dense area in Mount Qaf to defeat the enemies there. It gives you a lot of Time Crystals. What if you defeated all the enemies in the area? No Problem. Go to the nearest Wak Wak tree which acts as the save point. Interacting with the Wak Wak tree will heal you and respawn all the enemies that you can defeat to get the Time Crystals again. Repeat the process again and again to get them.

Wak Wak Tree

Defeating Bosses

Throughout the game, you will encounter the main bosses of each level and mini-bosses to battle with. Getting them down will give you a lot of Time Crystals along with the other rewards.

Sidequests and Artaban’s Challenges

There are many sidequests in the game which on getting completed give you many different rewards and Time Crystals. Besides these, there is a fellow immortal NPC named Artaban which can be located in The Haven. You can interact with him and he challenges you to uplift your combat game to face the more intrigued bosses. Completing his challenges gives you a lot of Time Crystals.

Artabans Challenges

How to use Time Crystals

Time Crystals is a currency in the game that you can use for a lot many purposes.

  • Upgrading Weapons: You can use them to upgrade your weapons on visiting Mage and Kaheva in the Haven.
  • Purchase Amulets and Amulet Upgrades: You can use them to purchase new Amulets or upgrade the existing ones you have from Grandmother the Mage’s Magi Emporium.
  • Unlock Maps: You can interact with Fariba to unlock maps by using Time Crystals.
  • Healing Potions: Time crystals can be used to purchase additional Healing Potions, Potion Efficiency, and upgrades from Grandmother the Mage’s Magi Emporium.

That is the guide about farming the Time Crystals and how to use them.