How to Beat Jahandar in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Jahandar is one of the major bosses in the Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown which you will encounter on the last of the Lost In Mount Qaf quest in the Lower City. He is a manticore creature and a tough battle is going to happen with him for which you need to be well prepared. But the good thing is that at this you can have weapon upgrades and additional health bars to deal with such enemies.

How to beat Jahandar

In this guide, you will see how to defeat the Jahandar.

Jahandar Battle Guide

The battle with Jahandar occurs in two phases however he has only one HP bar. His attack patterns change over the loss of his HP bar. He is a kind of manticore creature with terrifying attacks that are difficult to dodge and his hits give significant damage to you.

Jahandar Attack Patterns

As told earlier Jahandar has only one HP bar but two phases so he is going to have different attack patterns for the HP bar up to 70 percent and his attack patterns change drastically when the HP bar is below 70 percent. Let’s have a look at his Attack Patterns.

Jahandar Charge Attack
  • Flying Strike: In this attack, Jahandar flies in the air to reach the top of the screen to land on you in the platform to give you damage. Watch out for his shadow on the ground to slide away from him when he lands.
  • Poison Tail Attack: It is the red eye attack in which Jahandar charges his tail to smash it on the ground to create a poisonous effect in that area. You cannot parry this attack but you can anticipate it as he takes a couple of seconds to charge up his tail. You can avoid the affected area to dodge this attack as stabbing on the affected area can give you damage for some seconds.
  • Tail and Claw Swipes: He commonly uses this attack to slash his tail or claw to hit you.
  • Charge Attack: This is the yellow eye attack which if parried correctly gives massive damage to the enemy. In this attack, Jahandar charges up and rushes toward you.
Jahandar Poison Tail Attack

After losing his health below 70 percent his moves and attacks will get changed and even more furious.

  • Glowing Purple Orb: Jahandar calls out a glowing black and purple orb from his mouth which follows you to give you damage when you are under it. At this time you need to use arrows to take it down.
  • Upgraded Poison Tail Attack: In the upgraded version of the Poison Tail attack, his poison tail comes out from the second spot which can give you damage if it comes under you. You need to dodge it by watching out the ground.
  • Poison Arrows Projectile: In this attack, he throws multiple arrows toward you. It is easy to dodge and you have the opportunity to slide beneath them to land several hits. They disappeared shortly but you have to prepare as soon after it he can give you the Poison Tail Attack.
Jahandar Upgraded Poison Tail Attack

How to beat Jahandar

You need to prepare well for the battle with Jahandar. Upgrade your sword and keep the amulets with yourself to reduce the effect of the damage.

  • Avoid the Flyting Strike: After phase one, Jahandar uses Flying Strikes more often to land on you. Keep an eye on his shadow on the ground to keep yourself in a safe place.
  • Take Down the Purple Orb: Purple Orb can give you damage if you are under it. Use the arrows to hit it down as soon as it comes out.
  • Deal with Upgraded Poison Attack: Jahandar’s poisonous tail follows you for the second time to come out of the ground. Watch it out carefully to avoid the damage.
  • Parry Charge Attack: Always Parry his yellow eye Charge attack which gives you enough time to land several hits to him.
  • Use Athra surges: Using Athra surges can interrupt his attacks. Use it whenever you get a chance to stop his attacks.
Beating Jahandar

Jahandar Rewards

After beating the Jahandar you will get 350 Time Crystals and a Soma Tree Flower which if you collect four of them can give you one extra health bar. Besides that, the main reward can be found in the next room which is Rush of the Simurgh. It allows you to dash in the air to explore Mount Qaf.

That is all about the Jahandar Battle Guide.