Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Catch Scorpion

A Rift in Time expansion introduces many fished-up creatures and Scorpion is one of the new creatures that can be found in the Eternity Isle. The players who own A Rift in Time expansion can find the Scorpion in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Scorpion will be found to regain the energy, earn some Star Coins, cook recipes, and give presents to villagers in Eternity Isle to increase Friendship. Once the Player Catch Scorpion, it will be added to the Fish collection in Eternity Isle.

Scorpion Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Find a Scorpion in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Scorpion

The players can find Scorpion while fishing in the areas of Wild Tangle Biome. The areas that contain the Scorpion in their pools of water are the following.

  • The Plains
  • The Wastes
  • The Borderlands

To Catch the Scorpion, the players must unlock the Glittering Dunes biome by completing The Sands in the Hourglass Quest set by Jafar. The players can catch the Scorpion from the plains as soon Glittering Dunes biome is unlocked because the Plains is the first area of the Glittering Dunes biome that the player will explore.

To Catch the Scorpion in The Wastes and The Borderlands, players have to unlock these areas by using Mist. To unlock The Wastes, players have to use 4,000 Mist, and to unlock The Borderlands, the player must have 10,000 Mist.

How to Get Mist

Players can get the Mist quickly by the following methods.

  1. Remove Swirling Sands
  2. Clear the Splinters of Fate
  3. Complete Mist Duties

Once the player gets access to the areas of Glittering Dunes biome, Scorpion can be fished from the poles of Water.

How to get Scorpion

Once the player reaches into the Glittering Dunes, the scorpion can be found on the West side of Glittering Dunes in the Poles of water in the Plains. Simply equip the fishing rod and start fishing when blue ripples are spawning in the water. Scorpions will be fished in blue bubbles only.

How to get Scorpion Disney Dreamlight Valley

The player can also Find the Scorpion on the East and Northeast Side of The Wastes in the poles of water. In Borderlands, Scorpion will be found on the Northwest Side in the water. Blue ripples in the water are the only chance at which players can get a Scorpion.

Catch Scorpion Disney Dreamlight Valley


The players can sell the Scorpion for 425 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall. The players can also eat it directly to regain the energy of 900. It is recommended to utilize the scorpion in making the Gourmet recipe and Spicy Scorpion Skewer recipe which will be more beneficial to the players.