Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Make Ruby Masoor Dal

Ruby Masoor Dal is the new recipe added in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Ruby Masoor Dal is a three-star Entrée Meal that the players can make in Eternity Isle using the cooking station. The Players who own A Rift in Time expansion can make Ruby Masoor Dal with the help of its ingredients. Ruby Masoor Dal being a spicy Three-star dish is required during completing I’ve Got a Dreamlight Quest available from Rapunzel.

Ruby Masoor Dal Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Make Ruby Masoor Dal in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Which Ingredients are required

The players can Make Ruby Masoor Dal by collecting the following Ingredients.

  1. Chili Pepper
  2. Tomato
  3. Ruby Lentils

How to Get Chili Pepper

The players can get the Chili Pepper by planting its seeds. The seeds of Chili Pepper will be bought from Goofy’s Stall in Sunlit Plateau. Sunlit Plateau is the area in the Dreamlight Valley. Each seed costs 20 Star Coins and it takes 45 minutes to grow after planting it. The Player can also purchase Chili Pepper directly from Goofy’s stall in 117 Star Coins.

How to Get Tomato

Tomato is a Vegetable type Ingredient. To get the Tomato, players have to buy Tomato seeds from Goofy’s stall at Dazzle Beach. Dazzle Beach is the area of Dreamlight Valley. Tomato Seed takes 25 minutes to grow. The players can purchase the Tomato seed for 8 Star Coins and it can grow faster when planted in Dazzle Beach. The Players can also get Tomato directly from Goofy’s Stall for 33 Star Coins.

How to Get Ruby Lentils

Ruby Lentils can be found in the Wild Tangle Biome. The area includes the following.

  • The Grasslands
  • The Promenade
  • The Grove
  • The Lagoon

The players have to get Goofy’s Stall in The Grasslands and upgrade it. Purchase the Ruby Lentils Seed from Goofy’s stall which will cost 250 Star Coins. Plant the Seed and wait for 2 hours to grow the Ruby Lentils. Each time harvesting gives 3xRubyLentils.

How to Make Ruby Masoor Dal

Once the players Collect all the required ingredients to Make Ruby Masoor Dal, Use any cooking station in Eternity Isle. Move into the recipes section. Select Chili Pepper and add it to the cooking pot. Then Grab the Tomato from the vegetable section and drop it into the cooking pot. Add ruby Lentils to the cooking pot to make the recipe tastier.


This three-star Entrée Meal can be sold for 357 Star Coins at Goofy’s Stall. The players can eat the recipe to regain an energy boost of 405. Ruby Masoor Dal can also be utilized as a gift for the villagers to increase their friendship.