How to Beat Erlik in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown

Erlik is the main boss in Prince Of Persia: The Lost Crown which you will encounter in the Hyrcanian Forest while progressing in the main quest Lost in Mount Qaf. It is a giant boar which can give you a tough time to beat him as all of his attacks are red-eyed, which cannot be parried.

How to beat Erlik

In this guide, you will see how to beat Erlik in the game by learning all his moves and attacking patterns.

Attack Patterns of Erlik

Erlik is going to have only red-eye attacks which you cannot parry yet dodging them at the right time will allow you to have a good time to give him damage. The key to knocking him down is to know his attack patterns and timings to react and deal with damage.

  • Forward Charge Attacks: This is the red-eye attack in which Erlik rushes forward to smash you. This attack cannot be parried yet can be dodged to avoid damage.
  • Poison Orbs: It is a red-eye attack in which Erlik opens his mouth to spit the poison orbs toward you at different angles. This attack cannot be parried but avoided by getting out of the orb’s trajectory.
  • Tusk Swing: In this attack, Erlik attacks you with his tusks by swinging his head, but it can be parried.
  • Hind Legs Kick: It is a red-eye attack when you are behind Erlik. He uses his hind legs to kick you which you can only dodge to avoid damage.
Poison Orbs Erlik

How to beat Erlik

Erlik Tusk Swing

Erlik only has four attacks which he is using throughout the battle against you and all of them are red-eye attacks that cannot be parried you only have to dodge them smartly and give him enough hits at the right time. Also using the Athra Surge will help you to give him massive damage to get him knocked. Let’s see how to beat Erlik after knowing his attack patterns.

  • Dodge Forward Charge Attack: The battle with Erlik may get started with the Forward Charge attack which cannot be parried, the only way to avoid damage is to dodge it. This attack can be anticipated by his loud roaring or when you see him pulling back his front legs.
  • Dodge Poison Orbs: Soon after the Forward Charge Attack, he can spit the poison orb projectiles on you. Dodge this attack by sliding through his legs to get in behind him as soon as you anticipate this.
  • Dodge Tusk Swing: He may turn his head sideways and then smash that on you to give his tusk hits. You can dodge this by stepping back as soon as you see his red eyes and head-turning aside.
  • Dodge Hind Legs Kick: Always be attentive when you are behind him. He uses his hind legs to kick frequently and this cannot be parried.
  • Use Athra Surge: Get your Athra Surge gauge full by attacking him and dodging his attack and use it against him to give massive damage.
Forward Rush

Dodging the Forward Charge Attack is very important it can be lethal if not prevented.

Erlik Rewards

That’s all about to beat Erlik, a giant boar in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. After beating him you will be rewarded with the following items.

  • 1x Wolf-Bride Amulet
  • 60x Time Crystal