Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Complete the Housewarming Quest

The Housewarming Quest is the first friendship quest available from Rapunzel. The Housewarming Quest will be available after the players reach Level 2 friendship with Rapunzel. To play The Housewarming quest, players must have access to The Promenade which is one of the areas of the Wild Tangle Biome. The players will help Rapunzel by giving her very own door. The lost treasures will be found by players during the quest. The Players who Own a Rift in Time expansion can play this quest in Eternity Isle.

Housewarming Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Housewarming Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Collecting Materials to repair the Door

The player has to follow Rapunzel to her tower and talk to her. Rapunzel’s Tower is in The Grove in the Wild Tangle Biome. The players have to find the following materials to fix Rapunzel’s Tower.

  1. 4xZinc
  2. 4xTin
  3. 30xSoil

The players can obtain the soil from the areas of Dreamlight Valley. Simply move into these areas, take out the Shovel, and start digging. The areas where the players can collect the Soil are the following.

  • Plaza
  • Peaceful Meadow
  • Sunlit Plateau
  • Forgotten Lands
  • Frosted Heights
  • Glade of Trust

The Players can use the Teleporter to teleport into the Dreamlight Valley. Once the players collect all the materials, give them to Rapunzel. Follow Rapunzel to her Tower to repair the door and talk to her.

Where to Find the Rapunzel’s Treasure

Once the Tower door is repaired, a new questline will be updated and the players have to find Rapunzel’s Tower in Eternity Isle. The players will Use the Royal Hourglass tool to find the lost treasure. Use the Hourglass and follow the particles that will be pointing in the direction to the nearest lost treasure. The players have to find the following Treasures.

Wall ClockThe Docks
Cast-Iron PanThe Oasis
Handheld LanternThe Grasslands
Purple CushionThe Promenade

Move into the docks in Ancients Landing to find the Wall Clock. Players can find the Wall Clock near Eve’s House and extract it from the ground by using the Royal Hourglass tool. Cast Iron Pan will be found in the Oasis near the River. The players have to Unlock the oasis by using 6,000 Mist.

Rapunzel’s Treasure Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Handheld Lantern will be found in The Grasslands in Wild Tangle Biome. The players can extract the Handheld Lantern just near the river by using the Royal Hourglass Tool. To obtain the purple cushion, players have to unlock The Promenade by using 6,000 Mist.

Talk to Rapunzel. The players will get Rapunzel’s painting from her to investigate it. Move into the inventory section and investigate it. The player has to place Rapunzel’s treasures into their places and talk to Rapunzel after placing the Treasures.

Crafting Tropical Companion Home

The players have to gather the following materials to craft the Tropical Companion Home.

Tropical Companion Home Disney Dreamlight Valley

Green Glass Like Flowers can be found in The Plains and The Wastes in the Glittering Dunes Biome. Players have to unlock The Wastes by using 4,000 Mist. Once the players collect all the Materials, use any crafting station and start crafting Tropical Companion Home and place it anywhere in the Jungle in Wild Tangle Biome and talk to Rapunzel. Once the talking with Rapunzel ends, The Housewarming quest will be completed.