Disney Dreamlight Valley- Where to Find Spinel

A Rift in Time expansion introduces new Gems in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. Spinel is a new gem that can be found in the Eternity Isle. The players who own A Rift in Time expansion can Find Spinel in the Wild Tangle Biome of the Eternity Isle. Spinel is utilized during quest expansion and crafting new materials, especially Fences. Spinel is a pink color Gemstone that can sell for 450 Star Coins at Goofy’s stall.

Spinel Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Get Spinel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Spinel

The Players can find the Spinel in Wild Tangle Biome. The wild Tangle biome needs to be unlocked to obtain the Spinel. The players can get access to the Wild Tangle Biome while completing the story quest, The Sands in the Hourglass quest available from Jafar. The broken bridge will be repaired with the help of Royal Hourglass and Mist. The Repaired bridge will give access to the Wild Tangle biome and Glittering Dunes Biome.

Spinel will be found in the Areas of the Wild Tangle biome. The areas that contain spinel are the following.

  • The Promenade
  • The Grove

The Grasslands is the first area that the player will explore when the Wild Tangle biome is unlocked. The players have to get access to The Promenade and The Grove to Find Spinel. The Grove needs 4000 Mist and to unlock The Promenade players must use 6000 Mist.

The players can get Mist by the following methods.

  1. Clearing the Splinters of Fate
  2. Removing the Swirling Sands
  3. Completing Mist Duties.

How to Get Spinel

How to get Spinel Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Players have to start mining the Nodes by using the Pickaxe. The nodes will be available in The Grove and The Promenade. Simply Find the Rocks and start breaking till Spinel is found from the Rocks. The players will get 1x Spinel when found. It will be added to the Gem collection in the Eternity Isle.

Why Spinel is required in Eternity Isle

Spinel is required for quest expansion and to craft new materials at the crafting station. Following are crafting recipes that require Spinel.

  • Double Bronze & Blue Fence
  • Double Bronze & Red Fence
  • Red Bronze Pathway
  • Single Fence Pole
  • Tropical Companion Home