Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Get Mist Fast

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a whole new adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. It would be best to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Mist is the new currency in Eternity Isle. To unlock the new area, upgrade tools, and power ancient machines, we need to collect mist as much as we can. Dreamlight Valley’s newest and most in-demand resource is known as Mist. Mist is essentially the new Dreamlight.

Here’s a guide, on how to generate Mist quickly.

As DLC Expansion A Rift in Time Expansion is introduced in Disney Dreamlight Valley, the Dreamlight duties are no longer available, instead, we got mist duties on Eternity Isle. These duties generate Mists. The more you complete these duties more you will be rewarded with Mists. We can generate the Mists with comfort by completing two of the tasks at the moment we arrive in Eternity Isle.

  1. Hang out with friends from Eternity Isle.
  2. Buy seeds in Ancient Landing.

Finding Mists using the Royal Hourglass tool

The next method for generating the Mists is by using the Royal hourglass tool. Players can search for the Mist with the help of it, as Royal Hourglass helps in finding the items. By searching for time distortions, you can take out the Mists from the different areas in Eternity Isle. Using the Royal hourglass to remove time anomalies like swirling sand or using magic to remove the splinters of fate will also generate the mists. As one of the Mist duties is to remove 3 splinters of Fate, by completing this duty we can achieve 150 veils of mist.

Finding Mists using the Royal Hourglass tool

Completing the quests in Eternity Isle will also grant the players with the mists and star coins. As mists are used to unlock the areas and upgrade the tools, it’s essential to collect the mists by completing the quests. The below table shows the quests and amount, of mists that the player will receive after completing it.

Directive Danger250xmists & 1000-star coins
The Ones That Got Away250xmists & 1000-star coins
Timeless Treasures500xmists & 1000-star coins
Flower power250xmists & 1000-star coins
A garden in the Desert250xmists & 1000-star coins

Generating Mists from Mist Duties

We need to create the area on Eternity Isle to complete the mist duties. To do this, we need to complete the Eternity Isle main quests. Until we unlock the three areas in Eternity Isle. These are the Courtyard, Glittering dunes, and the Wild tangle. To unlock this area, we need to repair the bridge that is connected to each of these three biomes. As soon as we get Access to these biomes, we need to create an area where we can develop these new duties. The areas have some requirements that you need to build from the items of three biomes.

  1. Wishing Well
  2. Home
  3. A garden
  4. A stove
  5. Firepit
  6. Goofy stall
  7. Storage options
  8. Fruit trees
  9. Fruit bushes

Some of the Mist duties are linked to meals and fruits, such as

Mist DutiesMists reward
Sell 2 meals100xmist
Add 3 Decoration to Ancient’s Landing100xmist
Prepare a 5-star Meal300xmist
Sell 2 fish100xmist
Prepare 1 2-Star Meal150xmist
Harvest 3 strawberries150xmist

There will be some duties that require you to access locked areas for certain fruits. You need mists to unlock these areas. You need to open the following areas to get the fruits.

  1. The Over Look area to access nestling pairs
  2. The Grove for Dream Mangoes
  3. The wastes or borderlands for Cactoberries
Generating Mists from Mist Duties

Gaining access to more areas will allow you to access more critters and it’s the mist duty to have access to more critters. Completing these mist duties will give you mists.

Time Bending (Increasing the Level)

A Rift in Time Expansion brings new additions of new roles. One of them is Time bending. It’s a more effective method to upgrade the level from level 2 to level 10 if you follow the right steps. Before bringing the Time Bender along, it will be imperative if you bring it to level 10 as it will multiply the rewards. We can ignore some of the quests for now. To upgrade the level, we will give you an example. When we met Eve, you had to befriend her. Offer him a Purified Night Shard and gain her trust. Provide the night shards as much as you can at any time of the game. You can also do this same with the Gaston. Offer him Night shards, doing this will increase the level from level 2 to level 10. Level 10 be achieved in 10 to 12 minutes easily. The higher the Level more you get the full rewards with mists. The more you get Time Bender companions more you gain the chances of multiplying mists.

Realms Have Mist

The Realms have the mist within Dreamlight Castle larger Realms like the frozen Realm have 300xMists to 450xMists. And smaller Realms like Wall-E have 150xmists. Time-bending treasures within the Realms are 100% mists. As you search for mists in each realm you can easily get the 1000xmists. It’s best to harvest mist from Realms, once a day. As their spawn rate is low as compared to other biomes.

Realms Have Mist Disney Dreamlight Valley

You cannot get the benefit from the time-bending companion as you cannot travel in realms with other villagers. To get a nice chunk of mist, you can use the Royal hourglass tool to find the mists in Realms.

Accumulate more mists to unlock more areas and upgrade the tools. Time bending both Eternity Isle, The Valley, & all the Realms is the best way to get the Mist. You can walk away with 10-12k of Mist within 30 minutes.