Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to unlock Ancient Robot Companion

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a whole new adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. It would help if you collected many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Many new quests are introduced as you enter A Rift in time expansion. In Eternity Isle we have 3 companions, that are cobra, a monkey, and a Capybara. Among these three companions, we have one more secret companion which is Ancient ROBOT. So, we have a total of four companions in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. We can get or craft it.

Ancient Robot Companion Disney Dreamlight Valley

Move to the Time bending table and you have to upgrade the Royal hourglass tool to level 3. To upgrade the Royal hourglass tool, you need to have 5,000 Mists in hand to upgrade it from the hourglass weaker version to level 1. To upgrade it to level 2, you should spend 10,000 Mists and to upgrade it to level 3, 15,000 Mists are required. So, it is pretty expensive. Once you upgrade the hourglass and collect other items, the ancient robot will be unlocked. The ancient robot will be in the Special category in the Time bending table. Underneath, the secrets of Disney Dreamlight Valley make it worth playing. The ancient robot can follow you in dream snaps, follow your path.

Resources to unlock Ancient Robot

The ancient robot is pretty expensive as it required a high number of resources. It will be tough to collect all the resources for Ancient Robot.

Ancient core (Level 3)3
Ancient Gear10
Ancient Plate10
Ancient Magnet10

To collect the ancient core at level 3 you need to dig deep by using the Royal hourglass of level 3. The Ancient cores are very rare. Keep scanning anywhere in the Eternity Isle, Valley, or Dreamlight Valley. Keep digging for treasures for a long time until you finally manage to get out 3 Ancient cores. Royal hourglass will be effectively used for searching the treasure that has been lost.

Mist can be found in Realms. The Realms have the mist within Dreamlight Castle larger Realms like the frozen Realm have 300xMists to 450xMists. And smaller Realms like Wall-E have 150xmists. Time-bending treasures within the Realms are 100% mists. Time bending both Eternity Isle, The Valley, & all the Realms is the best way to get the Mist. You can walk away with 10-12k of Mist within 30 minutes.

Resources to unlock Ancient Robot

Ancient Gears, Ancient plates, and Ancient Magnets are common. They can be found anywhere in Eternity Isle.

Crafting Ancient Robot

You need to craft it from the time-bending table and then you can access this companion at any time of the gameplay. When you collect all the required resources for unlocking the ancient robot you can craft it at any time. Below are a few steps on how to choose an ancient robot as a companion.

  1. Go to wardrobe
  2. Move into the companion portion
  3. Scroll down and there you can see Ancient Robot unlocked.
  4. Select it by pressing LMB
Crafting Ancient Robot

Gather all the resources and add this companion to your list for better gameplay.