How To Get & Use SID in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

In Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora you will encounter many Computer Terminals, weapons, or different kinds of machines that you need to hack to sabotage the information inside them, for this purpose you need to equip and use SID. There will be many side quests where you must hack Computer Terminals to get information from them so SID (Systems Interrogation Device) is going to be very useful gadget to understand.

How To Get & Use SID in Avatar

In this guide you will see how to get, equip and use SID in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora.

How to get SID in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Fortunately, you don’t have to wander or explore the Pandora to get SID. Getting SID is part of the main mission and prologue Welcome to the Resistance so you cannot miss having it. After healing So’lek in the mission, he will ask you to go to the Resistance Camp, on your way you will encounter a human scientist Alexander Tremayne who gives you this useful gadget. He will ask you to fix a bunch of power lines, this will be a tutorial to let you know how to use SID.

How to get SID in Avatar

How to equip SID in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

Equipping and using SID is very easy on the consoles as well as on PC.

  • For Xbox Series X and S: Press LB + Y buttons
  • For Playstation 5: Press R1 + Triangle buttons
  • For PC: Press 5 on Keyboard

After equipping with SID you need to aim it at any hackable machines. If the machine is hackable you will see a circle with a wrench on the bottom right of your screen. SID can be used to hack various kinds of devices like turrets and RDA mechs, tracking the wires to locate the area that needs fixing.

How to use SID to hack in Avatar Frontiers Of Pandora

When you encounter any device that you think is hackable or want to hack, equip the SID and aim at that machine. If it is hackable there will be a circle with a wrench on the bottom right of your screen and a glowing circuit that connects it to the source. There is a mini-game associated with which needs to be completed to hack a machine. Some of the machines like weapons or turrets can be hacked on the spot with the mini-game associated, while some machines show glowing circuits to take you to the hacking target.

Right after you approach the hacking target, aim at it, two circles will appear. Use the trigger buttons on the controller or the Q and E buttons on the keyboard to overlap these two circles and release them as they overlap. This will initiate the hacking mini-game.

How to use SID in Avatar

In the hacking mini-game, there will be a flashing cursor which you need to move out from the exit point by moving it within the given timeframe. Initially, it would be very easy puzzles but as the game progresses, these puzzles become difficult.