Disney Dreamlight Valley- Upgrading Royal Hourglass Tool

The latest update in Disney Dreamlight Valley brings out a new exciting tool because of A Rift in Time expansion. Entering into the DLC Expansion A Rift in Time will allow you to enjoy the new world, new content, new characters, new companions, and new biomes, and we will gain access to Royal Hourglass. Completing the quests will be easy if you know how to use the Royal Hourglass effectively. Royal Hourglass tool is fascinating with the superpower inside it. You will get the Royal Hourglass but it’s not that powerful. To make it high-powered, you need to upgrade the Royal Hourglass. To make the Royal Hourglass stronger, you must collect a few items.

Here’s the guide on how to upgrade the Royal Hourglass tool.

To make the better version of Royal Hourglass, you need to upgrade it to level 2 or level 3. Hourglass will be more beneficial if it is upgraded to level 3. Although it will be pretty expensive as it requires few items in large quantity, it will be worth spending the resources on upgrading the Royal hourglass.

Upgrading the Royal Hourglass

To upgrade the Royal hourglass, you need to move into the Ancient Landing. As you enter into the Ancient’s landing, move into the Isolated stall. Interact with the stall by pressing “E”. To upgrade the Royal Hourglass, you need to have a few items. The below table shows the amount of Mist that is required to upgrade it.

Level 15,000
Level 210,000
Level 315,000

Collect 15,000 mist, to upgrade it to level 3. The upgrades are of two types. The first upgrade will help you find the hidden treasures that were lost with time flow. And the other upgrade will remove the swirling sands Hourglass potion. To get the 2nd upgrade you need the following resources.

  1. The player must have 3000 Mist
  2. You need to have at least 1 Ancient Core (Level 1)
Upgrade Royal Hourglass Tool

Ancient Core can be discovered from the ground, you have to keep searching for it, as it is kind of rare item, use the Royal Hourglass to find the Ancient Core and the mist can be discovered in Realms and the player can achieve the Mist by completing the several quests or Mist duties. A large amount of mist can be found by using the upgraded Royal Hourglass as it will remove the large swirling sand.