Disney Dreamlight Valley- Where to Find Prisma Shrimp

A Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a new whole adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. You need to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. Besides all of them, we have new fishes in the Eternity Isle. The player needs to catch these fishes either to make progress in quests, complete the Mist duties, or make the recipes and sell them. One of the rare fish in the Eternity Isle is Prisma Shrimp.

Where to Find Prisma Shrimp

Here’s the Guide to How & Where to Find Prisma Shrimp

How to Catch Prisma Shrimp

Prisma shrimp are located in The Grove. To get inside the Grove, you need to unlock this area first. Exactly 4000 mists are required to have access to The Grove. The mist can be collected by completing the quests, mist duties, or searching into the Realm. Once you have access to The Grove, move into this area to fish Prisma Shrimp. The Prisma Shrimp can be sold at the price of 1100 star coins and if you cook Prisma shrimp, it will give an effective energy boost of 1600.

How to Catch Prisma Shrimp

Prisma shrimp have a high spawn rate at the east side of The Grove, in the small river. Move in this direction, and approach the river to fish the rare Prisma Shrimp. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing the Prisma Shrimp at the moment when red or orange ripples show up. Press the LMB to start fishing. Once you get the Prisma shrimp, it can be sold or can be helped as an ingredient in the recipes. In The Ones That Got Away quest, 2 Prisma Shrimp are required to complete the final task of the quest. You may enter the Grove from different areas. These areas included the:

  1. The Lagoon
  2. The Grasslands

To cook the Prisma Shrimp, it will be added, while cooking the Rainbouillabaisse as the main ingredient.