Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora – Spare Parts Guide

There are many useful resources and materials in Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora to collect to survive and thrive in the world of Pandora. Spare Parts is one of them. It is one of the essential and must-have currency in the game to find and collect. Having upgraded weapons, ammo and armor is the key to survival in the world of Pandora for that purpose you must have Spare Parts in the game to trade for the new weapons, ammo, armor, or gears.

This is a handy guide to know about where to find, collect, and use Spare Parts.

How to Get Spare Parts in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

There are multiple ways to collect Spare Parts to trade them for better equipment or gear. These are human-made so are widely available to collect near the RDA Facilities, outposts, etc. Below are the methods to collect them.

You will encounter many yellow crates near the RDA facilities. Searching them out thoroughly will give you the most of the Spare Parts.

RDA Storage Boxes

RDA Storage Boxes are typically Yellow colored crates scattered in the Pandora as dotted lines are the most abandoned source of the Spare Parts. Searching them out thoroughly will give you 2-3 Spare Parts. These storage boxes can be found near the RDA facilities and Camps.

How to get Spare Parts

Clearing out RDA Outposts

You will get a handful of the Spare Parts for raiding and clearing out RDA outposts without getting detected. You can then check for the Storage Room for the Spare Parts and other rewards.

Side Quests of Humans

As the Spare Parts are human-made it is a good idea to collect them as a reward if you get through any human side quest. Humans in the game have Spare Parts and you may often encounter them in case they need any help from you.

How to get Spare Parts

Dart Removal

You may encounter many animals and creatures in the Pandora with the RDA tracking darts in them. RDA hit them with the darts to track or do experiments on them. You can slowly approach these creatures, and soothe them to remove the darts. On removing you will get the Spare Parts.

How to Use Spare Parts in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora

Spare Parts can be used for two purposes. You can trade them for weapons, armor, or mods and you can use them to craft special ammunition. To use them for crafting, you may also need some additional resources.

How to Trade Spare Parts

Spare Parts can be traded for Weapons, Armor, or Mods in the game. To trade them, you can go to the Resistance Headquarters, where you can find two merchants Hurit Ahenakew and Rajinder Singh Grewal who sell weapons and armor and have a good collection. They also offer crafting recipes.

How to Trade Spare Parts

How to use Spare Parts to Craft Special Ammo

There are some weapons like Longbows, Staff Slings, Spear-throwers, etc. for which you need to craft a Special Ammo to use them even better. Spare Parts are one of the resources required to craft them. Using the special ammo can help you to deal with the enemies in a better way and you can give them good damage than using the normal ammo.