Disney Dreamlight Valley- The Sands in the Hourglass | Story Quest

The Sands in the Hourglass is the third quest set by Jafar in the Eternity Isle. The Sands in the Hourglass is a story quest that the player has to complete to make progress in the game and unlock the other Biomes in Eternity Isle. Once the player completes The Metal Nuisance quest of Jafar, The Sands in the Hourglass quest will automatically start. The main mission in completing the Sands in the Hourglass is to repair the broken bridge that connects the Ancients Landing with the Glittering Dunes Biome and Wild Tangle Biome in Eternity Isle.

The Sands in the Hourglass

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Sands in the Hourglass quest.

The Sands in the Hourglass starts with the ending of The Metal Nuisance Quest by Jafar. The player has to reach the Secluded Beach, the passage that leads the player to Secluded Beach will be on the right side of Broken Bridge. Equip the Royal Hourglass tool to move into the area.

Removing the Swirling Sands

The Swirling Sands will be blocking the entrance of the passage that leads towards the Secluded beach. Use the Royal Hourglass tool to remove these sands. Once the player removes the Swirling Sands, the reward that the player will achieve is the Mist. Mist is the most demanding item in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Removing the Swirling Sands

Once the Swirling Sands is removed, follow the passage that will take the player to the Secluded beach. Talk to Jafar on the Secluded beach at the hologram station by Pressing “E”.

Finding Ancient Statue Fragments

There will be a statue of time on the Secluded beach from where the player can get the first Jewel of time. The player needs to repair the ancient statue. Find the missing pieces of the statue with the help of Royal Hourglass. The missing Statue Fragments should be found to repair the ancient statue.

Equip the Royal Hourglass and start searching in the Secluded Beach. Press the Spacebar to use the Hourglass, and it will sense the hidden treasure near it. The blue color shows that the player is far away from the treasure and the golden color shows that the treasure is close to the player. Follow the Particles when using the hourglass as they will lead you to treasure.

Finding Ancient Statue Fragments

Once you find the treasure, keep pressing “E” repeatedly to take it out. One of the fragments can be found on the Secluded beach. The other fragment can also be found on the Secluded beach on the right side of the Hologram station.

Finding the Ancient plates

The player needs to find the ancient plates in the Ancient Landing. Use the Royal Hourglass to find three ancient Plates that are hidden in the ground. Follow the particle’s direction that will lead the player to the near-hidden treasure. One of the Ancient plates can be found in the Courtyard. One of the Ancient Plates will be near the pool area. The third ancient plate can be collected near Eve’s house, near the fishing spot.

Finding the Ancient plates

Once the player collects all three ancient plates, move back to the Secluded beach, which is on the East side of The Ancients landing.

Obtaining the Jewel of time

Below are a few steps to obtain the Jewel of Time from the Ancient statue.

  • 1. Talk to Jafar at the Hologram station and then use the Detailed Statue-Repair Instructions in your inventory section.
  • 2. Use the Timebending table to craft the Statue’s arm.
  • 3. Interact with the Timebending Table by pressing “E”. Move into the quest section and select the Statue’s arm. You have already collected 2xAncient statue fragments and 3xAncient Plate.
Obtaining the Jewel of time
  • 4. Press LMB on Make and the crafting will start.
  • 5. Put the arm back in the socket.
  • 6. Once the player places the arms in the ancient statue, the jewel of time will be given to the player as a reward.

Repairing the Broken bridge

Move back to the broken bridge area in the courtyard. Talk to Jafar at the hologram station. To repair the broken bridge 2,000 Mist are required. Mist can be collected by following activities.

  • Removing the Swirling Sands
  • Completing the Mist Duties, especially collecting the fruits.
  • Clearing the splinters of fate

Once the player gets 2,000 Mist to repair the broken bridge. Move close and press “E” to repair it with the help of Royal Hourglass.

Repairing the Broken bridge

The broken bridge will be repaired which will unlock the new Biomes in the Eternity Isle and The sands in the Hourglass quest will be completed.