Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Complete the Tower Quest |Story Quest

The Tower Quest is the third and last story quest set by the Rapunzel. The player has to achieve the Jewels of Time by completing the tower quest. Once the Player completes the sundial quest, The tower quest will start automatically. The player needs to investigate Gothel’s chest to obtain the Jewel of Time. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can play the tower quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley. The player has to get access to the area of the Grove to get inside the Rapunzel’s Tower.

How to Complete the Tower Quest

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete the Tower quest.

Jewel of Time will be obtained by investigating Mother Gothel’s chest, which is placed in the Rapunzel’s tower. Follow the Rapunzel from the Sundial Island to her tower. The grove area, which is Wild Tangle’s area. The Wild Tangle Biome is unlocked by completing the Jafar’s quest which is The Sands in the Hourglass.

Unlocking The Grove

The player needs to remove these time anomalies to enter The Grove by using the Royal Hourglass. To unlock the grove area, the player must have 4,000 Mist. Mist can be collected by the following steps.

  1. Remove the Swirling Sands
  2. Complete the Mist duties
  3. Clearing the splinters of fate
Unlocking The Grove Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the player obtains the Mist, reach the time anomalies and press “X” to investigate. The pathway of the grove will be cleared as the time anomalies have been removed by consuming the mist and by using the upgraded royal Hourglass.

Finding the Vine Seeds

Follow the Rapunzel, towards the tower. Rapunzel will say that the tower walls are crumbly to climb. To climb the tower the vines should be grown, and the player has to find the Vine seeds, on The Plains near the Oasis.

Move into the plains in the Glittering Dunes. The player has to obtain three Vine Seeds from the plains. Equip the Shovel and start digging the plain’s area.

  1. One of the Seeds can be obtained near the Hologram station in the plains.
  2. The second Vine seed will be found near the fishing spot, before entrance of the Gaston’s area.
  3. The third Vine seed is collected on the north of the plains, near the long tree.
Finding the Vine Seeds Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the player obtains all three Vine Seeds, move back to the grasslands, near the Rapunzel’s tower.

Investigating the Gathel’s Chest

Here are the few steps to complete the last part of the tower quest.

  1. Remove the Swirling Sands with the help of Royal Hourglass and talk to Rapunzel.
  2. Plant the Vine seeds in the soil at the base of the tower.
  3. Press “X” to investigate.
  4. The player has to enter the tower using the vine.
  5. Remove the Swirling Sand in the tower by using Royal Hourglass, to reach the Gathel’s chest.
  6. Open the Chest and talk to Rapunzel as there was no Jewel of Time in the chest.
  7. Collect the Jewel of Time near the chest placed in the sand.

Open the Chest and collect Rapunzel’s Paints. Rapunzel has been searching for these colorful paints in The Wild Tangle. Give the colorful paints to the Rapunzel. Giving the Rapunzel’s Paints to Rapunzel will make the tower quest complete.