Disney Dreamlight Valley- Your Eternal Reward Quest

Your Eternal Reward is the final story quest in A Rift in Time Expansion set by Jafar. To complete Your Eternal Reward quest, the player must unlock the Borderlands, which is an area of Glittering Dunes. The player who owns A Rift in Time Expansion can play this quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley. To complete Your Eternal Reward quest, the player must have three Jewel of Time to make the Royal Hourglass stronger. The Jafar has some other motives that will be not pleasant for the Valley. Your Eternal Reward quest will automatically start when the player completes The Sands in Hourglass quest.

Your Eternal Reward Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the Guide on How to Complete Your Eternal Reward Quest.

Jewel of Time

To complete Your Eternal Rewards story quest, the player must have all three Jewel of Time. The Jewel of Time is obtained by completing the following story quests.

  1. The Sands in the Hourglass Quest
  2. The Tower Quest
  3. Diamond in the Rough Quest

Once the player achieves all three Jewel of Time, Your Eternal rewards quest will be completed with ease.

Talk to Jafar at the Hologram station In the Glittering Dunes. The player has to remove the Time Anomalies from the Palace and free Jafar from the Hologram station. The borderlands area of Glittering Dunes is locked. To unlock this area, the player must have upgraded Royal Hourglass and 10,000 Mist.

How to Get Mist

Mist can be obtained by the following Steps.

  • Clearing the Swirling Sands
  • Completing the Mist Duties, especially Collecting the fruit
  • Removing the Splinters of fate
Mist Your Eternal Reward Quest Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the player collects 10,000 Mist, Move towards the Northeast side of the plains, at the Entrance of The Borderlands. Remove the Time Anomalies by using the Royal Hourglass and 10,000 Mist. Investigate the Time Anomalies by pressing the “X” key. The Borderlands area of the Glittering Dunes will be unlocked in the Eternity Isle.

Interacting the Jafar’s Palace

The player has to interact with Time Anomaly in front of the Jafar’s Palace. Once you reach close to its palace, press “X” to interact and Jafar will appear with some bad motives. Jafar informs you about his motives that he wants to obtain the Spark of Imagination which is an ancient treasure.

Once your talk with Jafar is completed, he will vanish. Reach to the merlin in the Docks in Ancients Landing and talk to him. Your Eternal Rewards Quest will be completed.