Disney Dreamlight Valley- Diamond in the Rough Quest |Story Quest

Diamond in the Rough Quest is one of the Story Quests that is available in Disney Dreamlight Valley paid expansion. To complete these adventurous Story Quests, you must achieve A rift in Time expansion in a Disney Dreamlight Valley. These story quests are essential for game progression, as quests need to be completed to unlock the items and new biomes. Diamond in the Rough Quests is related to Gaston. Gaston is a new character introduced, that you need to unlock. To complete the Diamond in the Rough Quest, the player needs to move into the Glittering Dunes, which is on the west side of Eternity Isle.

Diamond in the Rough Quest

Here’s the guide on how to complete the Diamond the Rough Quest.

As you complete the wild tangle’s swarm, new quests will start which will be Diamond in the Rough Quest. Head towards the Gaston resident in the Glittering Dunes. The first task of the Diamond in the Rough Quest is:

Finding the Scarab piece

A Scarab piece should be available in your collection center. Collect the Jungle Scarab piece and Desert Scarab piece from the Eternity Isle. Jungle Scarab pieces can be collected while completing The Wild Tangle’s swarm quest. The desert scarab piece can be collected while completing The Wanderer of the Dunes Quest. To collect the Desert Scarab Piece, you need to move into The Plains. Equip the Royal Hourglass and start searching for the Desert Scarab piece. Use the hourglass to take it out from the sand. A Jungle scarab piece will be found in The Grove. Use the Royal hourglass to collect it from the sand.

Finding the Scarab piece

Move into the Glittering Dunes to the Gaston resident. Hand over the Jungle Scarab piece and Desert Scarab piece to the Gaston. Gaston will ask to hunt the treasure. To make further progress in the quest.

Entering the Cave of Wonders

You need to follow the Scarab’s trail from Gaston’s encampment. As the Sacarab’s trail reaches its destination. Interact with the Scarab piece by pressing “E”. A big sand-roaring lion statue will have appeared. Move into the cave of wonders. As you enter the Cave, you will interact with the Jafar at the hologram station. Now the new tasks in added in the quest, as you have found a way to open the gate as the way forward is blocked by the magical gate.

Entering the Cave of Wonders

You will find an ancient power source which will be a Power Coil. Place the Power coil in its source. Flip the switch that will throw the light to the magical gate, due to which the magical gate will disappear.

Exploring Deeper into the Cave of Wanderers

Enter deeper into the Cave by surpassing the first area of the Cave. Remove the shreds by Pressing “E”. Collect the Ancient mirror from the ground. Now we need to cross the gate. To remove the magical gate, you need to do the following steps.

  1. The first light Interrupter needs to be activated
  2. Activate the second light Interrupter.

Activating the First light Interrupter

Flip both the switches that will allow the magical gate to be removed. As you cross the gate, the ancient mirror needs to be placed in its place. Placing the ancient mirror will activate the First light Interrupter. Move to the right side of the room which will lead you to a secret area.

Activating the second light Interrupter

  1. Interact with the power source, which will be in the middle of the secret room.
  2. You need to charge it. Turn all the connections ON by turning or rotating them.
  3. Check if all the connections are reaching the power source, that needs to be charged.
  4. Move closer to that power source. Press “E” to pick it up.

Picking up Jewel of the time

Move back into the room and place the power source into its place, as it was missing over there. Now the magical gate is removed and move deeper into the cave to explore more. You will find the jewel of time in the Deepest recesses of the Cave.

Picking up Jewel of the time

Collect the Jewel of Time from the Pedestal. Leave the Cave by using teleporter, head back to Gaston, and hand over the Jewel of Time to him. As you have completed the Diamond in the Rough Quest, Gaston will reward you with a LeFou Coconut Bust.