Disney Dreamlight Valley- The Wanderer of the Dunes

The Rift in Time Expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces a whole new adventure in the game with many more interesting quests, characters, and new biomes. Each of the quests is linked to each other. It would be best to collect many gems that will be utilized in further quests. On 5th December, 2023 Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces its major DLC expansion Known as A Rift in Time. The quests are more interesting in A Rift in Time expansion DLC as the new area is introduced by the name of Eternity Isle.

The Wanderer of the Dunes

In this guide, we will discuss how to complete The Wanderers of the Dunes.

The Wanderer of the Dunes quest is related to Gason, Gaston is available in the Glittering Dunes. Sometimes, he vanished and reentered after a few times. So be patient till he returns to the game. Gaston is dehydrated, the player needs to find some items for him. The list of the items is below.

  1. Green Spiky- Leafed plant (3 pieces)
  2. Flexing Spider-like Thing (1 piece)
  3. Sweet Brown Raisin Things (4 pieces)

Move towards the Fishing spot or sand water in Glittering Dunes to gather the Flexing Spider-Like thing. This thing is a crab. So, equip the fishing rod and start fishing. Be patient till you find a crab. Crab can be found in white bubbles or blue bubbles.

The Wanderer of the Dunes

It is just a Scorpion, don’t be confused to find the Flexing spider thing.

Now we need to collect the 3 Green leaf plants. These plants can be found near the sand water on the ground. Collect these three plants. These plants can be identified easily. This plant is Agave.

The Wanderer of the Dunes

After collecting the Green Leaf plant, find the sweet brown raisin thing. This thing is the Dates. These Dates will be available in the trees. Collect all the 4 dates. So, it’s pretty easy to find the Raisin thing in no time.

When you collect all three items, rush back to Gaston and give him the food he requested. Now Gaston will run back to his camp, you have to follow him and talk to him. As soon as the talk is over, the quest is updated and you need to find Clues to the Vault keys. One of the things you can find is on the left side of his camp in storage. Approach towards it and Press “E” to open it and collect the Clue. The clue is Homemade Glue.

The Wanderer of the Dunes

Near the camp there will be big boxes, there you can collect another item that’s the paint Palette. On the opposite side of the camp, there will be a set of Water boxes. Near them, you can see the Coconut Husks. Collect them by pressing “E” and give the items to Gaston.

Now move toward The Wastes, and meet Gaston at his Shipwreck. You are going to unlock this area to continue Forwarding this quest. 4000 mists are required to unlock this area. After reaching his Shipwreck, the quest is updated again and there is a Vault key that the player has to find in The Wastes. You need to search for the Key in sand water. Equip the fishing rod and take out the Vault key. Just fished it out. The Vault key is called LeFou. Hand it over to Gaston.

The Wanderer of the Dunes

To collect the Desert Scarab Piece, you need to move into The Plains. Equip the Hourglass and start searching for the Desert Scarab piece. Use the hourglass to take it out from the sand. After collecting it. Talk to Jafar in the Hologram. Press “E” to interact with him.

Now move back to Gaston’s tent area and hand him over the Desert Scarab piece and talk to him. Then the quest is completed.