Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora: Finding Home – Part 3 Quest guide

In Avatar Frontiers of Pandora, your navigation and investigation skills matter a lot to explore Pandora and complete the side quests. Finding Home is such kind of quest where you have to navigate through various locations for the investigation of a photo. Finding Home quest comprises many different parts. You will get a collectible Comic on completing each part and when all the parts are completed and Comics are collected, an achievement named Father and Son will get unlocked.

Finding Home – Part 3 Quest guide

In this guide, you will see how to find a Computer Terminal to get started with Finding Home – Part 3 Quest and the location of Comic Book where the photo was taken to complete the quest.

Finding Home – Part 3 Quest Guide

In all parts of the Finding Home Quest, we need to find out the location of the Computer Terminal to start the Quest, revealing the photo and other information after hacking and finding the location where the photo was taken.

Finding Home – Part 3 – Locating Computer Terminal

Locating Computer Terminal

To start this quest, you first need to unlock the second region named “Upper Plains” in the world of Pandora. To do this you need to complete the 11th mission of the game. After unlocking the Upper Plains, you need to locate the Computer Terminal to begin with the Finding Home – Part 3. It will be located on the eastern side of Step’s Cradle, southwest of the Crimson Station Resistance Field Lab, and west of Celebration Arches and Zakra Falls.

After finding the Computer Terminal, you need to hack it using SID. A photo will revealed along with the quest hints to start the investigation and find the location where the photo was taken.

Finding Home – Part 3 – Locating Treasure Hunt Comic

Locating Treasure Hunt Comic

The location where the photo was taken will be found in the Rising Spires, downstream of Sister’s Steps, southeast of the Sunshade Silks camp in the Kinglor Forest. There you will be able to match the location that you saw on the Computer Terminal, and a cabin SciOps RDA will be found nearby. Move inside the cabin and head towards the right, there you will see the Comic Book.

SciOps RDA

The quest Finding Home – Part 3 will be completed by collecting the Comic Book.

collecting the Comic Book