Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Craft and Use the Ancient Cooker

An Ancient Cooker is introduced in Disney Dreamlight Valley in A Rift in Time Expansion. One of the Timebending furniture pieces is the basic ancient cooker, which allows you to cook multiple recipes at a single time. The condition to cook in an ancient cooker is to exchange the Mist. To get the ancient cooker, a few crafting recipes need to be found that will be used to craft the Ancient Cooker at the Timebending Table. Cooking meals in Eternity Isle is required to complete several quests, having the ancient cooker in your Timebending Collection will help in getting more meals with autofill ingredients as an option.

How to Craft and Use the Ancient Cooker

Here’s the guide on how to get and use the Ancient Cooker.

Why Royal Hourglass is Required for Ancient Cooker

To find the hidden treasure in Eternity Isle, a Royal Hourglass is required as it guides you on the path to the nearest treasure. Press the spacebar to use the Royal hourglass and particles over the hourglass will show the path that leads to the treasure that has been lost. To collect the resources quickly, you need to upgrade Royal Hourglass, which will be upgraded in the Timebending table by consuming 5000 Mist.

Resources Required for Crafting Ancient Cooker

The first step you need to follow is to approach the Timebending Table in the Eternity Isle with the upgraded Royal Hourglass. In timebending Table, you can craft new furniture and refined materials. Interact with the Timebending Table by pressing “E”. Move into the ancient machine section and Press LMB on the ancient cooker to see which resources are required to craft the Ancient Cooker.

Resources Required for Crafting Ancient Cooker

The below table shows the resources required for crafting the ancient cooker.

Ancient Core (Level 1)2
Ancient Radiator3
Ancient Plate3

How to get Mist?

Mist can be collected by completing Mist Duties that will be available on Eternity Isle. The more effective method to collect more Mist is to remove the Swirling sand by using a Royal hourglass. Mist can be found in the Realms, in Eternity Isle. As 2,000 Mist are required, you can get the mist by several methods either by collecting the eatables or by interacting with the villagers, as these are one of the Mist Duties.

Collecting the Ancient Core (Level 1)

The ancient core can spawn anywhere in the Eternity Isle. To find the ancient core, a royal Hourglass should be used as it helps to find the resources or hidden treasure. You need to know how to use Royal Hourglass.

Collecting the Ancient Core

As 2 ancient Core are required as one of the resources to craft the ancient Cooker, you need to search it anywhere using Royal Hourglass. To save much time, you can teleport yourself to any area in the Eternity Isle by using the teleporter. You can also get the ancient core (Level 1) from Dreamlight valley as well.

Finding Ancient Radiator

The ancient radiator can spawn anywhere in Eternity Isle. Use the Upgraded Royal hourglass to start the hunt for Ancient Radiator. Three Ancient Radiators need to be collected for crafting the ancient Cooker.

Collecting Ancient Plate

These crafting parts can also be found in Eternity Isle. They did not spawn in any specific area. You need to search every biome in Eternity Isle to collect three Ancient Plates. Using the Royal Hourglass makes this hunt easy if you follow the particles over the Royal Hourglass directing them towards the ancient plate.

As you collect all the Resources, move towards the Timebending table and start crafting by pressing LMB on it. To place the ancient cooker, move to the furniture section, enter the utilities, and then select the ancient cooker to place it anywhere you want in Eternity Isle.

How to Use the Ancient Cooker

Approach the Ancient cooker and press “E” to Use. As you interact with the cooker it will ask for the ingredients and their quantities that you want it to cook. The more the quantities more it will consume the mist and coil. For one meal it will consume 25 Mist and 1 coil.

How to Use the Ancient Cooker

You can select the ingredients or you can also autofill the ingredients by clicking on autofill option, which will automatically add the ingredients to make the chosen meal. After selecting the ingredients, choose the quantities of meal. Tap on the Mist, and cooker will start the progression of cooking. This is how you make the auto cooker work effectively. Once the meal is ready, you can collect it from Ancient Cooker.

To gain more meals at once, new ancient cookers can be crafted at the Timebending table, which will also cost the same resources.