Disney Dreamlight Valley- The Ancient Door | Story Quest

The Ancient Door in the Disney Dreamlight Valley is the story quest, that should be completed to collect the Jewel of Time. Ancient Door quest is linked to the Rapunzel. To complete this story quest from Rapunzel, move towards The Grasslands area, which is situated in Wild Tangle Biome. One of the story quests, which is Your Eternal Rewards demands to have Jewel of Time which is linked to the Ancient Door quest. Only those players will be playing these story quests who owned A Rift in Time expansion.

The Ancient Door Quest

Here’s the guide on how to complete Ancient Door Quest.

Clearing Pathway of Ancient Door

Teleport yourself into The Grasslands by using the Teleporter. Talk to the Rapunzel as she will be available behind the waterfall in the Grasslands area of Wild Tangle. These floating rocks will be blocking the ancient door. Use the Royal Hourglass to remove the five Gray Floating Rocks behind the Waterfall. After you remove the stones, a shiny object will fall from them. Pick it up and talk to Rapunzel.

Collecting Sun Core Pieces

You are to collect three Sun Core pieces from the Eternity Isle. Use the Royal Hourglass to find the Sun’s core. The Sun core pieces will be found in the Gray Floating Rocks. Breaking the rocks will leave the Sun core on the ground. Collect three pieces as required. Sun core pieces can also be found in the courtyard. Some of the Sun core will be available in the grasslands and the docks near the fishing spot.

Collecting Sun Core Pieces

After collecting three Sun Core Pieces, you need to rebuild them at the Timebending table. The Timebending table is used to craft new furniture and refined materials. Interact with the Timebending table to rebuild these sun core pieces. These sun cores will be utilized to Unlock the Ancient Door that will present behind the waterfall in the Grasslands.

Floating Sun Core on Sundial Island

Interact with the Ancient Core by pressing “E” as you approach close to it. Place the Ancient Core to its place in the ancient door. Now Pass beyond the door. Talk to Rapunzel and she will ask you to investigate the second Sun Core near the Sundial.

Floating Sun Core on Sundial Island

Collect the Floating Sun Core. Place the Sun Core in it right place. Talk to Rapunzel again.

Hunting Floating Sundial Gears

A sundial is a shiny and round-looking thing, that can be found anywhere in the Eternity Isle. It did not have a specific area to spawn. Equip the Royal hourglass to start searching for ten Floating sundial Gears. As you use the Upgraded Royal hourglass, follow the particles leading towards the Sundial Gears. Some of the Sundial gears can be simply available at the ground and some of the gears will be floating in the area. You need to chase the floating Sundial gears to collect.

Hunting Floating Sundial Gears

After collecting it will be added to your collection center. Use the Sprinting technique to get the floating sundial gears. They can be spawned on the Southeast side of the plains. You can also look around your house, as they can be found over there as well. After collecting all the Sundial Gears, move back towards the Rapunzel in the sundial island. Now investigate the sundial by interacting with it.

Heading towards Rapunzel’s Tower

Investigating the Sundial will make the path towards the statue. Remove the Floating stones near the statue to clear the path. You need to investigate the diary page near the statue. Follow the Rapunzel to her tower in the grove. Here are the last few guidelines to complete the last steps of the ancient door quest.

  1. There will be a blockage in the path to the grove. Use 4000 Mist to remove the blockage. Mist can be found by removing the swirling sands and by completing the Mist duties.
  2. Now you need to collect three vine seeds in the Oasis. Use the shovel to take out the Vine seeds from the sand.
  3. Remove the swirling sand around Rapunzel’s tower by using a Royal hourglass.
  4. Put all three Vine seeds in the soil of Rapunzel’s tower. Interact the tower to grow the vines with the help of Royal Hourglass.
  5. Press “E” to enter the tower. Remove the Swirling sand inside the tower near the chest.
  6. Collect the Jewel of time near the Chest.
  7. Investigate the chest and you will get the Rapunzel’s Paint, offer it to the Rapunzel.