Disney Dreamlight Valley- Something Comes A’Knocking |Friendship Quest

One of the Friendship quests is Something Comes A’Knocking which will be accessible from Merlin. Merlin will tell you that Some strange Matryoshka Dolls have spawned in different areas of the Eternity Isle. You need to collect these Matryoshka Dolls and place them in the Halloween tree in Forgotten Land. Placing the house in the biome and paying the amount for its construction will complete the Something Comes A’Knocking Quest in Eternity Isle in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Something Comes A'Knocking Friendship Quest

Here’s the guide on how to complete the Something Comes A’Knocking Quest.

How to Get Matryoshka Dolls

You are to collect these dolls that are available in different areas of Eternity Isle. As these Matryoshka Dolls belong to Jack Skellington’s Tree. One of the Dolls can be found in the plaza. You can also, Use Royal Hourglass to find the Dolls in Eternity Isle. The Royal hourglass tool is used to find the hidden treasures that have been in time flow. Move towards Forgotten Land, as you can also find the Matryoshka Doll over there as well. You need to search everywhere in this area. You can also find other Matryoshka Dolls on the Northeast side of the plaza. The Sunlit Plateau area also needs to be searched to find the doll, as you can find one of them over there.

How to Get Matryoshka Dolls

One of the Doll can be found on the North side of the Forest of Valor, Across the river. You need to collect at least four Matryoshka Dolls from the Disney Dreamlight Valley to unlock Jack Skellington and Jack Skellington House.

Placing Matryoshka Dolls

Something Comes A’Knocking quest is available from Merlin. Merlin is the first villager that you will encounter when enter the first time in Eternity Isle.

  • 1. Move back to the forgotten Land.
  • 2. Approach the Halloween Tree
  • 3. Place the Matryoshka Dolls in it.
Placing Matryoshka Dolls
  • 4. Placing them one by one will be the right choice as these dolls will be available in your Collection center.

As you place all the Matryoshka Dolls in the Halloween Tree, Jack Skellington will appear in the Valley. Something Comes A’Knocking Doll quest will be started as you grab one piece of Matryoshka Doll and Merlin will ask you to collect more Matryoshka Doll to start this quest.

Now talk to the Jack Skellingtonin in the Valley.

Jack Skellington House

The Jack Skellington house needs to be placed in the Valley. Move into your furniture section and enter into Merlin requests. There you can see the Jack Skellington house.

Note: You are allowed to place the houses in only one village at a single time. You can also move the houses from another village to the present village with no cost deduction.

  1. Now place the house at any place in the valley.
  2. Now you are to pay for the construction of Jack Skellington’s house.
  3. Use the Scrooge McDuck sign.
  4. Talk to Scrooge McDuck near the underconstructed house of Jack Skellington.
  5. To start construction, pay 5,000 star coins.
Jack Skellington House

Now, the house will be constructed in the no time. Talk to Jack and Something Comes A’Knocking Quest will be completed.