Disney Dreamlight Valley- How to Make Royal Latte

Royal Latte is a Two-star appetizer that can be cooked at any cooking station with few ingredients added to the cooking pot. The blue-colored Royal latte provides an excellent boost in the energy that is required to complete any task in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Only those players who owned A Rift in Time Expansion can make this Royal Latte in Eternity Isle. Interacting with the cooking station, allows you to cook any meal, with the ingredients available in your inventory section. Consuming the meal is much more beneficial as compared to utilizing the ingredients only.

How to Make Royal Latte Disney Dreamlight Valley

Here’s the guide on how to Make a Royal Latte in Eternity Isle.

Ingredients Required

Two ingredients are used to make a two-star Royal Latte. Milk and Majestea are required to cook the Royal Latte at the cooking station. Once you collect these two ingredients, they will be added to your Ingredient portion of inventory, which can be further utilized.

How to Get Milk

Milk is considered to be a Dairy and oil product that you can get from Chez Remy at the price of 230-Star coins. To get the milk, you first need to unlock the Chez Remy, which is a restaurant. You can access the Chez Remy after you complete the quest, which is A restaurant Makeover. Complete the quest and reopen the Chez Remy in Plaza and there you can get the Milk. Milk is bought and sold at the same price.

How to Get Majestea

One of the Spice-type ingredients is the Majestea, which can be found in the Ancient Landing. Majestea can be spawned in the following areas.

  1. The Overlook
  2. The Ruins
How to Get Majestea

Majestea is a plant with a blue-leaves on it. You need to harvest the Majestea upon finding. The aromatic blue leaves can be utilized for many tasks in Eternity Isle. You can also sell the Majestea for 30-star coins. Explore the overlook and the ruins in Ancient Landing, as they can be easily found at any place in these areas.

How to Make Royal Latte

To make a Royal Latte, move closer to any cooking station in Eternity Isle. By interacting with the cooking station, the ingredients list will pop up, move into the Dairy and oil section grab the Milk, and toss it into the cooking station. Now move into the spice area select the Majestea, add it into the cooking pot, and press LMB on “start cooking” After cooking, it will be added to your Collection center in Eternity Isle. Now Royal Latte can be used as food or it can be sold at a reasonable price or you can complete the quests or mist duties in Eternity Isle if required.

How to Make Royal Latte


You can consume the Royal Latte and get the boost energy up to 814. It can also be sold for 338-star coins which will be beneficial for your financial status.

Collect these two ingredients for making a Royal Latte and enjoy the taste of it.