Disney Dreamlight Valley- Gaston the… Hero

Gaston the… Hero Quest is one of the friendship quests available in Eternity Isle in a Disney Dreamlight Valley. Gaston the… Hero quest is accessible from Gaston in the Eternity Isle. After you complete the level 4 Friendship with the Gaston, Gaston the… Hero quest will be available in Friendship quest. Completing the quest will provide you with the highest reward as these rewards will be useful further in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Gaston the… Hero

Here’s the Guide on how to complete Gaston the… Hero Quest.

To develop new hobbies in Gaston, take him for fishing. You are to catch any one of the sea critters in the different areas of Wild Tangle Biome. The Below table shows what you are required to catch and their spawn location.

Prisma ShrimpThe Grove
Electric EelPromenade
PiranhaThe Lagoon

How to Get Prisma Shrimp

On the east side of The Grove, Prisma Shrimp will be found in the river. Move into The Grove and start fishing at the fishing spot near the river. Start fishing as the red or orange ripples are available in the water using the fishing rod.

How to Get Electric Eel

Move into the Promenade area of Wild Tangle. Electric Eel will be found on the south side of the Promenade in the river. Equip the fishing rod and start fishing the Electric Eel upon finding red bubbles in the river.

How to Get Piranha

Piranha can be found on the Northeast side of The Lagoon in Wild Tangle. That’s the only place in Eternity Isle where Piranha can be spawned. Take out the fishing rod and start fishing the Piranha as you see the orange ripples in the river.

How to Get Piranha Disney Dreamlight Valley

Note: You need to catch only one of these sea critters for the quest.

Show the fish to Gaston, as they are now available in your Eternity Isle Fish collection.

Finding the Compass Fragments

Gaston finds the Compass fragment while fishing in Wild Tangle. We need to find the Lost pieces of the compass to make it a perfect working compass. The Lost pieces can be found in the following areas.

  1. The Docks
  2. The Oasis
  3. The Grasslands

Move to The Docks with Royal Hourglass to find the missing pieces. Royal Hourglass is used to find the hidden treasure that has been lost with a time flow. Use the Royal hourglass and follow the particles leading toward the Lost pieces of the compass. You can get the compass fragments in the docks near the fishing spot on the left of the wooden bridge. It will be on the Southwest side of The Docks.

Finding the Compass Fragments

Move to The Oasis to find the other piece of the compass. Move to the Southwest side of The Oasis near the waterfall, you can find it using the Royal Hourglass with the particles leading towards the piece.

Finding the Compass Fragments

Teleport yourself to The Grasslands and start searching for the last piece of the Compass. You can find it near the two waterfalls. It will be on the East side of The Grasslands. Equip the Royal Hourglass tool to find the Grassland’s Compass fragment.

Finding the Compass Fragments

Now we need to Reassemble the compass at a Timebending Table. Approach any TImebending Table and press “E” to use it. After you interact with Timebending Table, move into the Quest section and select Gaston’s Repaired Compass. Four items are required to Craft Gaston’s Repaired compass.

  1. Gaston’s Compass Fragments
  2. The Dock’s Compass Fragments
  3. The Oasis’s Compass Fragments
  4. The Grassland’s Compass Fragments

Now you have each of them, you can start crafting. You need to investigate the compass. Move into the Inventory section and select Gaston’s Repaired Compass to investigate it.

Finding the Compass Fragments

Finding Treasures based on memory

Find the hidden treasures near the above-shown pictures in different biomes of Eternity Isle. The hidden treasure can be found in the following Biomes.

  1. Ancient’s Landing
  2. The Wild Tangle
  3. The Glittering Dunes

Search these areas completely near the given hints from the compass. After you collect these items, give them to Gaston. The items included the following:

• Mysterious light bulb
• Mysterious brush
• Mysterious Climbing pick

Finding the owners of each Treasures

The treasure should be returned to its owner who has lost it. You need to offer the treasures to villagers in Eternity Isle and whoever takes the treasure means that that specific treasure belongs to that villager. The below Table shows the real owner of these Treasures.

The light bulbEve
The Climbing PickScrooge
The BrushMerlin

Find each of these owners in the Eternity Isle and offer them their lost treasure. After giving the items to their owner move back to Gaston and talk to him and he will give you the rewards and the Gaston the… Hero quest is completed with it.


Gaston gives three Items to you as a reward. The rewards include the following items.

  1. Golden Piranha Trophy
  2. Golden Eel Trophy
  3. Golden Prisma Shrimp Trophy