Pokemon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask – How to get and catch Ogerpon

Ogerpon is one of the new legendary Pokemon introduced in The Teal Mask DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. You can get it towards the end of the main quest at Dreaded Den and it is necessary to catch it to complete the main story. It is a Grass-type Pokemon wearing the mask.

In this guide, you will learn where to find and catch Ogerpon.

Where to get Ogerpon

Throughout the main quest of The Teal Mask expansion DLC, you will learn about the Ogerpon, and at the end of the main quest you will be able to get and catch it to complete the main story.

How to defeat Kieran

To get the right to claim Ogerpon you will need to defeat Kieran in Dreaded Den. Kieran is in the most powerful state here with all his Pokemon evolved and it is your final fight with him.

  • Shiftry
  • Yanmega
  • Gliscor
  • Probobass
  • Dipplin

He comes up with Shiftry Grass/Dark type Pokemon which can be weak for Fire-type moves. After that he gets up with Gliscor which is weak against Ice-type moves, you need to knock it down as an Earthquake with this will be deadly for you. The rest of his team can get down against Ice, Fire, Rock, and Poison-type moves.

After defeating Kieran, you will have to battle with Ogerpon to get and catch it.

How to catch Ogerpon

How to catch Ogerpon

You will have to battle with him in its four forms to defeat and once defeated he will not have any space to leave and you can catch him. These forms are Grass, Rock, Fire, and Water-type.

  • Teal Mask (Grass)
  • Cornerstone Mask (Rock)
  • Hearthflame Mask (Fire)
  • Wellspring Mask (Water)

On defeating Ogerpon in all of its forms you will be able to get it. It will be at level 60 and all of its masks will be given to you to change Ogerpon’s type.