Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC – How to beat Carmine

Carmine is a new Pokemon rival trainer in the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC which you will face in Kitakami. You will have to encounter her three times throughout the game and she will also appear in the second DLC Indigo Disk. Each time when you face her you will be evolved and more stronger to face.

How to beat carmine in Pokemon

Here is a guide about How to beat Carmine in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet: The Teal Mask DLC

How to Beat Carmine in The Teal Mask DLC

You will face and battle her three times in the game and each time she evolve her Pokemon and grow her team. You should be well prepared to face her every time.

First Battle

On arriving in Kitakami you will be tasked to notify a professor in Mossui Town. They face Carmine for the first time. She will refrain from entering the classroom. You have to beat her to proceed with the story. She has three unevolved Pokemon so the battle is not going to be hurtful to you.

60PoochyenaDarkFighting, Bug, Fairy
60VulpixFireWater, Rock, Ground
60PoltchageistGrass/GhostFire, Ghost, Flying, Ice, Dark

As she has three Pokemon with level 60, you need to make sure you have level 60 or above to match with her. Otherwise, the battle is easy to win. Poochyena can easily be downed against Fighting, Bug, and Fairy-type Pokemon. Vulpix is weak against Water, Rock, and Ground type Pokemon. Poltchageist can give a bit tough time as it is a new Pokemon however it can be downed with Fire, Ghost, Dark, Ice, and Flying type Pokemon.

Second Battle

The second battle with Carmine occurs on the night of the Kitakami Mask Festival.

62MorpekoElectric/DarkGround, Bug, Fighting, Fairy
64SinistchaGrass/GhostFire, Ghost, Flying, Ice, Dark
63SwadloonBug/GrassFire, Flying, Bug, Rock, Poison, Ice
63MightyenaDarkFighting, Bug, Fairy

Third Battle

The third and final Battle with Carmine takes place after you have captured Ogrepon. She asks you to fight with her with Ogrepon. You have to capture Ogrepon first to have it in your team to face Carmine last time.

70MightyenaDarkFighting, Bug, Fairy
72NinetalesFireWater, Rock, Ground
72LeavannyBug/GrassFire, Flying, Bug, Rock, Poison, Ice
74SinistchaGrass/GhostFire, Ghost, Flying, Ice, Dark
71MorpekoElectric/DarkGround, Bug, Fighting, Fairy